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Q: If A person is the ward of the state in Arkansas and dies who pays the burial?
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In the state of Arkansas when a person dies and leaves no will who is legal owner of the descedents firearms?

No one automatically has any rights to the decedant's property. If a person dies without a will they are said to have died "intestate." In that case the decedant's estate will be probated by the court and divided according to court order.

How do you arrange burial for a loved one who dies in one state and is to be buried in another state?

Contact the funeral home in the state where they are to be laid to rest and they will know exactly what to do.

What do Australopithecus do when another Australopithecus dies?

they did a burial

How is the deceaseds property distributed in case a person dies without a will?

Every state has intestate laws, that outline how a person's estate will be divided if he/she dies without a will, or intestate.

Where is a Will probated when it is signed and witnessed in one state and the person dies while a permanent resident in a different state?

A will is probated in the last state in which the person established residency.

When a Jehovah's Witness dies do they have the same burial as others?

Jehovah's Witnesses may chose to have a regular burial service conducted by a christian minister.

When a person dies no will what happens?

Each state has a section of law known as "intestacy law" which governs how property will be disposed of when a person dies without a will. Normally, it is first distributed among relatives.

Who gets the firearms when someone dies and there is no will What if the guns weren't registered In the state of Arkansas who has legal rights to the firearms?

You will need the services of a good lawyer for a current, correct and legal answer

When a person dies who is a ward of the state who makes funeral arrangements?

The state but they might allow relatives input, if there are living relatives and the state know of them.

What is the law when a father dies without will and has 5 children all of age?

In all 50 US states when a person dies intestate (no will) the state probate's estate and succession laws apply. In general, the state will place the estate into trust on the behalf of the children after debts are paid off.

What are the laws for an estate?

In the US when a person dies with no living next of kin their property escheats to the state.

In new york state when does life estate expire?

When the person who the life estate belongs to dies.