A funeral is a ceremony that takes place, marking the death of a person. Questions in this category can include things about the ceremony, traditions, and cultural aspects.

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Why do people get buried six feet underground?

Legend has it the Lord Mayor of London made the requirement in June of 1665 that all graves by made at least six feet deep in order to limit the spread of the plague.

To add on to this answer it my also be that every winter or spring when everything melted or the rain started to come the ground would get soggy and the water that seeps down in the ground would push the coffin up and out of the burial area


Why did Gandhi have a state funeral?

Because he was important and they belived it would be right for all to say good buy to him

Manners and Etiquette

What is proper funeral etiquette?

Some basic rules for funeral etiquette:

  1. Most important is to show up, it shows you care.
  2. Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party.
  3. Proper demeanor. Again, this isn't a party. Voice low, don't monopolize the bereaved.

Where can you get insurance for funeral and burial costs?

In the past there have been some challenges with a number of funeral annuity policies which were under-capitalised,, and subsequently collapsed. It has come as a tragic shock to families, who were at first profoundly touched to find their loved one had made advance provisions for their funeral, only to become further devastated to learn that the policy is worthless. These were policies which were often sold by national chain funeral directors. Or, in some cases, independent funeral directors, who operated under license from corporate organizations.

There were also some funeral directors who offered individual pre-pay schemes where the funeral director was paid in installments in advance. However, further problems arose when the funeral home went out of business, filed bankruptcy, or was sold. In the case of those that were sold, in almost every instance, the new owners would tell the bereaved that their purchase of the funeral business did not cover any agreements made with the previous owners. The bereaved would discover after lengthy and costly legal action that the previous owners had no assets remaining to reimburse the beneficiaries.

Another important consideration regarding pre-paid funeral plans is regarding disbursements and equipment caps. In almost every case, the 'pre-need' policies, as they're called in the funeral industry. have caps on the amount of disbursements made on behalf of the funeral. This includes, to name a few: Document fees, coroner costs, private ambulance services (such as the removal of the deceased), crematory fees, cemetery plot, opening of grave, vault, memorial stones, etc. Again, these policies vary greatly by country and even by province, state, or county.

Another consideration is that the pre-need policies are seldom interest-bearing. It is merely paying the current fixed-cost as advertised, where a general assurance is made that as costs spiral upwards, the beneficiary is protected. It's deeper within the policy that it's revealed that disbursements can often represent fifty-percent of the entire funeral cost. In the states, it may also have caps on the coffin cost - one of the highest profit centers for funeral directors, where special attention is given towards the encouragement to purchase what can only be described as ludicrously extravagant coffins or caskets under the guise of burying a loved one in a manner, which represents 'their, or the deceased's standing in society.'

It must also be considered that with pre-need policies, should the policy not have been paid in full before the death of the policy owner, it is most probable, (as explained in many policies), that survivors will be reimbursed only the premiums paid, (less a nominal handling fee), or it may be abandoned altogether, with no credit given, leaving you to start from scratch, as if a policy never existed. (This has often been prevalent where there are no other funeral homes within a fifty-mile radius).

Many financial advisers, (again, depending on country of residence variables), suggest arranging a wholly separate investment account for the specific purpose of a funeral. Some countries offer tax credits or deductions for these policies.

In almost every instance, it may be most prudent to keep the investment of any finances wholly separate from your proposed funeral home. Many staff are offered lucrative incentives for referrals, sale of policies, and many other elements, such as coffins, caskets, flowers purchased through the funeral director, printed materials, such as service sheets, etc. And particularly in the USA, larger funeral homes have taken the 'one-stop-shop approach whereby they are selling (pushing), the holding of wakes or gatherings on their premises, where they will sell you extravagant packages featuring catering, memorial booklets, drinks, and, of course, presentation of the deceased, replete with their very own funerary 'tonsorial' and make-up artists! So remain aware of your options.

In reference to an earlier answer provided herein; if there is proof of a policy set aside for payment of the funeral, most professional funeral directors are happy to deal with the solicitor/executor & attorney, for settlement of the account. In almost every instance, even when an estate must go to probate, provisions exist in law, for the executor to settle the funeral debt in advance of any other disbursements during the general waiting time expected with most probate issues.

One of the greatest gifts anybody can leave their loved ones is a clear and concise outline of their funeral requests. This should even include specific requests about music, wakes, printed materials, burial vs cremation and if cremation, the disposition of cremains or ashes. (such as; are you happy to have your cremains 'apportioned.' (divided up so as to be given to different persons or for different purposes). (Some religions strictly prohibit this).

Remember: a funeral home is a business, not a public service. And a business exists to make profits for its shareholders. The only opportunity the funeral director has to maximize profits is at a time when the bereaved are at their most vulnerable, and often decisions are made out of a range of shock, despair, guilt, or a touching - if not possibly even social pressure to match what others have done within the local community. Taking those difficult tasks out of the hands of your loved ones will mean more than you can ever imagine.

And consider, as a gift to your loved ones, a mandate that your remains should not go to the hands of a funeral director at any point, but should be donated to medical science, or a donor service. Your shell will indeed be cremated in due time and the cremains sent to your family, where, should they wish, may hold a brief strewing service, either interring your cremains as a base for a rose bush, or strewing them in a favorite area.

Then considering including a mandate that the funds that would have been spent for all your spectacular coffins, hearses, and traditional funerary accoutrements, instead be used for a family holiday - such as a cruise or a re-enactment of a particular holiday you and your loved one(s) once enjoyed together.


It depends on whether you have other life insurance set up, as well as prearranged burial. If you have no life insurance, I would strongly advise a burial policy, since the cost can range from 5 to 10 thousand (USD$), without even being extravagant. Another alternative is to prearrange all of the funeral elements directly with your local funeral homes. Even with prearranged burial, having some life insurance can be a good thing, as it will help defer medical expenses and estate tax.

Answer As stated above, if there is no other insurance in place at all then a policy to cover funeral and burial costs is a prudent idea. However, there may be reasons to add this coverage even if you have other policies in place.

This type of policy is generally for a relatively small amount of money and most funeral homes will take the endorsed policy as payment for services. Any remaining funds would be returned to your heirs or any deficit would need to be paid by them.

If you have a $500,000 policy it could take some time to get those proceeds and no funeral home would generally take a policy in that amount. Consequently that would require that your heirs pay for everything out of their own pocket. If that may be problematic for them then this could be a good addition.

Job Interviews
Letters Notes and Memos

What sort of note should you send after the interview?

What Type of Note to Send After an InterviewYou can write a "thank you" letter. Say thank you for their interviewer's time and for giving you the opportunity to interview. Also, if someone in the panel, did something that helped you, thank them for that. Also, check your spelling and grammar as you want to come across as professional.


It is highly advisable to a candidate that he or she must write a Thank You note after getting a interview. It will give a positive impact on the company's interview panel and they consider this a respect to company. Here I a given you an example as a reference.

The following is a sample interview thank you note after phone interview:

Mr. Henry

Director of Human Resources

ABC Company

876 Central St

New York, CA 90010

Dear Mr. Henry:

Thank you for taking the time on __________ to discuss the Software Engineer vacancy at ABC company. I have enclosed my resume, as you requested for further consideration.

I have an excellent knowledge and skills in the full life cycle of software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance. I'm also familiar with financial software products.

I suggest a personal interview to discuss further my qualifications. I can be available at your suitable time and day. I will look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you once again for your time and consideration.


Job Seeker

Religion & Spirituality

Why do they burn incense at funerals?

The ritual censing of the body at a funeral symbolizes sanctification (Encyclopedia of Catholic Devotions and Practices, Ann Ball), it symbolizes the prayers of the faithful for the deceased as well.

Jehovah's Witnesses

How do Jehovah's Witnesses bury their dead are the dead bodies naked or in clothes?

No, I'm one, & at all the funerals I've been at the deceased are fully clothed. Actually, I've never even heard of this.


I didn't write the above: (Just adding to it)

It might be added that in Engand and perhaps in other parts of the UK it is not permitted to bury a totally unclothed person. There are quite ancient laws regarding this.

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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

What flowers were in Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis funeral?

White lilies were reported to be Mrs. Kennedy's favorite flower. Someone recalled that her coffin was covered with beautiful white lilies the small variety, the type used in "Mouget Des Bois" perfume (Coty) that was so popular as a fragrance in the 1960's. The lilies were in the shape of a cross, surrounded by what appeared to be green fern clippings. When Carolyn Bessette and JFK, Jr. were married, Carolyn carried a small bouquet of these lilies and JFK, Jr. wore a lily in his boutonniere. It was said that when the guests saw the beautiful bride, coming down the aisle, the sight of her small white bouquet of lilies brought them to tears because they recalled that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis loved that flower.


Where do you get a mass card?

parish rectory

Jehovah's Witnesses

Do jehovah's witness embalm?

yes they do as well as cremation there is no special procedures it is left to each individuals conscience

English Football

Did Brian Clough attend Don Revie's funeral?

sadly neither of them could bury the hatchet before the untimely death of revvie, and clough did not attend the funeral

Naruto Shippuden

Does Jiraiya have a funeral?

Apparently no, since he died in the battle field.

Not an official one due to the fact that his body is down deep in the ocean and no human can go down there and get him.

But naruto and tsunade and everyone had one in there own way.


What flowers do you give at a funeral?

I think that lillies are very beautiful and symbolise purity and innocence. If not, just find a flower that means something to either you or them. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

Floral tributes are a key aspect of a funeral. It is wise to choose flowers that do convey some meaning as well as adding some aesthetic enhancement. Lilies are popular, as are roses and carnations. You should also think about colors as these are symbolic too.

There is a distinct difference between funeral flowers, which are the displays that are specifically arranged to accompany the funeral service, and sympathy flowers that are generally sent to the home of the bereaved.

If you are sending flowers to a funeral it is also wise to check with the family and/or funeral home first as what is considered appropriate. You don't want to send something that conflicts with the family's arrangements.


What to write on funeral flowers for a baby?

Try something like this . " I am very sorry for you loss. " . Or if you like something more poetic , " it's sad that those that leave the biggest mark on our world , octet leave it the soonest. " Sometimes the best thing to say in person or on flowers is nothing at all. Just the thought or your presence says everything.


What are prayers are said at an Islam funeral?

Description of the funeral prayer

Praise be to Allaah.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his companions (may Allaah be pleased with them) explained how the funeral prayer is to be done. It is done as follows:

You say the first Takbeer ("Allaahu akbar"), then you seek refuge with Allaah from the accursed Shaytaan, then you say Bismillah ir-Rahmaan ir-Raheem and recite al-Faatihah followed by a short soorah or some aayahs. Then you say Takbeer and send blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as one does at the end of the prayer. Then you say a third Takbeer and make du'AA' for the deceased. The best is to say:

"Allaahumma ighfir lihaayina WA mayitina WA shaahidina WA ghaa'ibina WA sagheerina WA kabeerina WA dhakarina WA unthaana. Allaahumma man ahyaytahu minna fa ahyihi 'ala'l-Islam WA man tawaffaytahu minna fa tawiffahu 'ala'l-eemaan. Allaahumma ighfir lahu warhamhu WA 'aafihi WA a'fu 'anhu, WA akrim nuzulahu WA wassi' madkhalahu waghsilhu bi'l-maa' WA'l-thalj WA'l-barad, WA naqqihi min al-khataaya kama yunaqqa' al-thawb al-abyad min al-danas. Allaahumma abdilhu daaran khayra min daarihi WA ahlan khayra min ahlihi. Allaahumma adkhilhu al-jannah WA a'idhhu min 'adhaab il-qabri WA min 'adhaab il-naar WA afsah lahu fi qabrihi WA nawwir lahu fihi. Allaahumma laa tahrimna ajrahu WA la tadillanaa ba'dahu

(O Allaah, forgive our living and our dead, those who are present among us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our males and our females. O Allaah, whoever You keep alive, keep him alive in Islam, and whoever You cause to die, cause him to die with faith. O Allaah, forgive him and have mercy on him, keep him safe and sound and forgive him, honour the place where he settles and make his entrance wide; wash him with water and snow and hail, and cleanse him of sin as a white garment is cleansed of dirt. O Allaah, give him a house better than his house and a family better than his family. O Allaah, admit him to Paradise and protect him from the torment of the grave and the torment of Hell-fire; make his grave spacious and fill it with light. O Allaah, do not deprive us of the reward and do not cause us to go astray after this)."

All of this was narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). If you make du'AA' with other words, this is OK, for example, you could say, "Allaahumma in kaana muhsinan fa zid fi ihsaanihi WA in kaana musee'an fa tajaawaz 'an sayi'aatihi. Allaahumma ighfir lahu WA thabbit-hu bi'l-qawl il-thaabit (O Allaah, if he was a doer of good, then increase his good deeds, and if he was a wrongdoer, then overlook his bad deeds. O Allaah, forgive him and give him the strength to say the right thing)." Then you say a fourth Takbeer and pause for a little while, then you say one Tasleem to the right, saying "Assalaamu 'alaykum WA rahmat-Allaah."

Society and Civilization

How did wakes start before funerals?

Wakes were originally started because the medical practice back then was found to be insufficient when successfully declaring someone dead. This was discovered by the movement of graveyards in order to make room for buildings and several of the coffins contained scratches on the inside from it's occupant (This was around the times of Edgar Allen Poe). The first remedy was installing a bell "topside" and running a string down into the coffin. Finally they decided to have Wake's, where they literally waited to see if the person would wake up, prior to burying them.

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Who provides the flag in a military funeral?

The Flag is provided by the US Military during a military funeral.

All US Servicemen/women who were honorably discharged or Generally Discharged under Honorable Conditions from service are entitled to have Military honors at their burial. This service is provided by the US Military, and a detail can be provided by the nearest military installation if available. When one cannot be provided, an honor guard can be arranged with the Local chapter of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) chapter.

MORE SPECIFICALLY -- The funeral home typically obtains the flag from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but through the local U.S. Post Office. A flag request form must be presented. The family may also submit this form directly and request delivery.

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Do you give money to the family at a wake?

Should A Person Give Money At A Family Wake:
  • No. Although some wakes have the option to make donations to a certain cause (if the cause of death being heart problems there may be the option to give donations to the organization/institute or a place such as the retirement home).
  • No. The reason for a wake is so friends and acquaintances of the family can offer condolences. In most religions/cultures it is viewed as a sign of respect.
  • Usually, some will give money at a wake. But I am Vietnamese and in Vietnamese culture the family does not accept the money no matter what.
  • There is no specific etiquette governing this courtesy and offering of assistance and respect due too varying customs, religions and traditions. However, it does present the best opportunity to extend assistance to the family to help defer the cost and show respect in their time of need for numerous reasons and comfortably remove any embarrassment for the family.
  • It is important that one respect the culture of the family and if you are unsure then contact the family or research that particular culture as to how they had a funeral or wake.
  • I come from an Italian family and it seems to be something that the older generation does but it has been fased out for my generation. For example, when my grandmother died two years ago, all the little old ladies brought my dad a check. Noone under 80 did. My dad explained to me that this was way before insurance policies and things like that, so everyone would bring the family money to help with funeral costs and to help the family get by in the coming weeks.
  • People need to realize how expensive funerals can be. The wake (flowers, venue, limo), casket, burial land, burial cost, grave stone... all cost money. When my grandma died, it cost almost 20k, not including extra money the family is spending in their grief. We tried to be thrifty, but some things you HAVE to spend more on like gravestones and land. Most families do not have spare money to cover these costs. I suggest you give $25-$200 per person in your family or as much as you can. Do not ASSUME it's not proper to give money or condolences and food are enough for the family. If you were in the same situation, you would be grateful for having friends and family help you honor your loved one. If the family won't accept it, respect them and donate it or bring flowers.
New Answer

Only if they really need it. If the father for example dies without life insurance and he was the family's breadwinner, you should give them a little cash discreetly in a card. Otherwise just make a donation to charity in their name or send flowers.

End New Answer

In areas of the country it is not normal to give money to the family. Where i grew up in the Bronx it was the custom to help the familt out. One person is chosen to be the receiver( for lack of a better word) who would accept every ones regrets. When my father-in-law passed i was chosen to be the receiver, in the 2 nights of the wake grieving friends and relatives expressed their regrets to the tune of close to $25,000, which was duly noted in the family book of who gave how much for what and future donations we would reciprocate in due time . but other people give food for the after funeral meal and family reunion


In some cultures it is customary indeed to donate food and money to the family of the deceased. I believe Muslim Africa is one of these regions. In some parts in India it is customary for the family (other than the immediate next of kins) to cook food for those who come and attend the funeral.

Well in some countries like in the Philippines, people who goes to the funeral usually gives donation to help the bereave family. :)

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What is a synonym for funeral?

Entombment. Interment. Burial.

cremation, obsequies, committal


What was bernie mac wearing in his casket?

He was wearing a hospital gown or his work clothes...thats what i found on the web!


How do i write a tribute to my sister on the funeral?

first of all I'm am so sorry if your sister has died!

write the good and funny things about her and say how much you will miss her.

if you think you might cry then keep it short.

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Why do you give chrysanthemums at a French funeral?

Chrysanthemums symbolise the remembrance of the dead in France. This is due to the chrysanthemums having their flowers around all-Saint's day, and thus ready for flowering tombstones. But they are not the only flowers acceptable for funerals.


What do you do if you think your future husband is still hung up on his ex-wife?

There's nothing you can do. She was his wife once. You can't erase that. No matter how much he loves you, he will not not stop loving her, either. I know this isn't what you want to hear and I'm sorry. Marriage is serious business. He loved her enough to marry her and he once loved her as much as he loves you. If you cannot handle that, then you shouldn't have began a relationship with a previously married man.


Don't get discouraged. A small part of his heart may always belong to her, but remember that you are the one that's going to wake up next to him tomorrow.

Answer: I think you need to have a calm, mature discussion about this BEFORE you get married. You also need to realize that unfounded insecurity and jealousy can seriously damage or even destroy an otherwise wonderful relationship.

Answer: Anyone considering getting married to a previously married person should seriously consider all the baggage that comes with it. I am in a 8 year marriage to a man that has a 13 year old son and his ex is constantly causing us problems. I think it is because she is still in love with him.

Answer: I suspected my husband was still hung up on his ex, and I was right. He cheated on me only 3 months after we were married with her for over a year. Because they have kids together, I have to see this woman on a constant basis. We have been to 3 marriage counselors and have been married for a little over 4 years and I am almost to the point of divorce. He even had Thanksgiving dinner with her and his family. I have had it!

Answer: I think its fair enough still having something in your heart for past relationships, but does being hung up on her when he's with you mean she means more to him than you do, if so it is completely pointless in getting married. Theres no point in asking him, he will of course say he loves you more, You need to look at his actions, with your head not your heart, and decide for yourself. Do you really want to be yet another divorce-ee


Did the singer Aaliyah have an open casket funeral?

Aaliyah's casket was closed; she died in an airplane crash.

The plane burst into flames immediately after hitting the ground; almost every corpse that was found was badly burned and mangled.

The coroner's autopsy report states that she suffered severe burns, a blow to the head, and severe shock. She had a heart attack during the time the plane was going down.

The report said she was found an estimated 10 - 15 feet away from the plane.

After medics and police finished searching the debris for any more belongings or bodies, they said that Aaliyah's chair had been ejected from the burning plane while she was still strapped into it and had landed yards away from the crash.

When police and Bahamian officials found her, she was curled up on her left side, like she was bracing herself. Her head was between her legs and her hair had been completely singed off.

RIP Baby Girl


Who paid for muddy waters funeral?

Maybe this is a joke, but shall we suggest Walter E. Gator representing Ecology Now!The org has disbanded in Louisiana since the oil rig blew up. Got all Muddy.


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