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If Hitler had listened to his aides and decided to start the war in 1943 how would the war have been different assuming the Japanese didn't attack in 1941?


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July 16, 2015 6:03PM


The "what if" hypothetical questions are best left to trained professional military officers in their war college study exercises, or perhaps those authors of great imagination who write that type of (loosely) history-based fiction. Other than that, there is not much value in these types of hypotheticals, for which there is no real answer, obviously. Leaders of the genius of Reichkanzler Hitler do not "listen to aides," if you mean blindly following the recommended actions of some subordinate on a major political and military undertaking! Rather, the other way around, by definition. Besides that, which "aides" does the question refer to, who supposedly wanted to "start the war" in 1943? The war was already happening, because Britain and France declared it so, in 1939. I know of no "aides" who wanted to start anything -- other than a nice fat retirement pension -- in 1943. Aides or not, Reichkanzler Hitler was a man who started things precisely when he wanted to. That was the kind of man he was. Let all students of history stick to the evidence from original sources (and cite them, please, so that others may check and verify whatever assertion is being postulated).