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The "what if" hypothetical questions are best left to trained professional military officers in their war college study exercises, or perhaps those authors of great imagination who write that type of (loosely) history-based fiction. Other than that, there is not much value in these types of hypotheticals, for which there is no real answer, obviously. Leaders of the genius of Reichkanzler Hitler do not "listen to aides," if you mean blindly following the recommended actions of some subordinate on a major political and military undertaking! Rather, the other way around, by definition. Besides that, which "aides" does the question refer to, who supposedly wanted to "start the war" in 1943? The war was already happening, because Britain and France declared it so, in 1939. I know of no "aides" who wanted to start anything -- other than a nice fat retirement pension -- in 1943. Aides or not, Reichkanzler Hitler was a man who started things precisely when he wanted to. That was the kind of man he was. Let all students of history stick to the evidence from original sources (and cite them, please, so that others may check and verify whatever assertion is being postulated).

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How are genre for songs decided?

They are listened to and then it is decided what genre they fit into based on their instrumentation and vocalisation (if any).

Kevin Jonas how he got famous guitar player?

He listened to a bnch of John Mayer songs and decided to pick up the guitar . (:

Why did the Japanese stop painting Buddha in 1086?

They got tired and decided to stop. They got tired and decided to stop.

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It is unknown who the CBS executive was that decided to cancel The Nanny, that is assuming it was the decision of one lone individual.

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When did the Power Puff Girls become an anime?

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What are the schools attended by Jose Rizal?

in what school in japan were Jose rizal decided to study Japanese language

Is there a reason for the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor?

the japanese were really mad because of the war so they decided to attack pearl harbor so they could show the americans who is better.

Who decided to drop an atomic bomb on a Japanese city?

The final decision was ordered by President Harry S Truman.

Did the US help defeat the Japanese after they attacked pearl harbor?

Yes, that is the point the US decided to enter the war.

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Why Were The Japanese Defeated At War?

Because the President Truman of the United States dropped two Atomic Bombs on them, and the Emperor decided to surrender.

Is i ever possible for cases involving the same issue to be decided differently in different courts of a court system?

Is it ever possible for cases involving the same issue to be decided differently in different costs of a court system

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Frodo seemed different somehow.He decided to go for a different hair cut.This is a different brand of coffee.

What did a Japanese fishing officer refer to whales in 2001?

He described them as the cockroached of the sea, or known as food, so he decided to kill them for their blubber and meat

What did the US did to get back at japan?

It is pretty simple what they did. They decided that they were going to invite them to a party, and the invitation was to nuke the hell out of them. The Japanese, as they always are, were happy to receive it.

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You can't. It's just a creepypasta that some japanese kid had a dream about and decided to write about it to scare other people.

Who mostly participated in the first crusade?

The Crusades were holy wars fought between the Europeans, Muslims, and Turks to try to regain control of Jerusalem. The people who fought were all just volunteers who listened to the Pope and decided to go join up.

What peace declaration was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918?

It was the armistice, it was decided by France, England and Germany, Italy were there too but know one really listened to them as they swaped sides half way through the war.

What would keep a member of Congress or senator from running for office again?

They may have reached a term limit, they may have gotten a different job or decided to take a different path with their career, they may have decided to retire/spend more time with family, they may have decided that they probably won't get elected again. It could go on and on.

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