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Matter of hours, up to a day depending how heavy your period is.


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You should get your period anywhere from 1 to 8 days after your last pill

As soon as you stop taking it, or even miss one pill, you are fertile again. The pill wont make you sterile.

yes!! don't SKIP!! if you stop taking it your period should regulate soon. yes!! don't SKIP!! if you stop taking it your period should regulate soon.

You won't have a period as long as you're taking the pill, but as soon as you come off it you'll have a period. You shouldn't take the pill for more than 21 consecutive days before giving yourself a 7 day break from it due to build-up of hormones.

After 2 months of taking the pill? Generally as soon as you take your first pill, you're protected from pregnancy assuming you started while on your period.

Yes, if she has her period and you had unprotected sex, then yeah. if youre worried, go and see a doctor immediately and get the Emergency Contraceptive Pill as soon as you can.

They can do as a side-effect. If you are experiencing tender or enlarged breasts whilst taking oral contraceptives ("the pill"), tell you GP/HMO, gynaecologist or family planning practitioner as soon as possible as it could mean that the contraceptive pill you are on is not ideal for you.

After stopping the pill, your next period will come in 4-6 weeks, and will soon return to its previous pattern, as it was before you were on the pill.

It depends on the antibiotic. If it's one that affects the pill then yes it could interfere. Pretty much as soon as you start the antibiotic it can interfere with the contraceptive pill. Which antibiotic?

some women usually get their period a month to a couple months after stopping the mini pill. 1-3 months!!

You can use the contraceptive implant immediately after miscarriage. There is no waiting period needed.

Unscheduled bleeding can happen if you try to skip your period using the pill. It's not dangerous, but it may be annoying. It should stop soon.

it all depends on your body. i know a female who got pregnant while taking the pill. if you are trying to have children, consult your doctor. if you are trying to stop possible pregnancies, insist that your partner uses protection until you receive a renewal for your contraceptive.

yeppers, if you ovulated within 3 weeks after stopping your pill you could get pregnant, and it may even show up on a test soon. I know a lot of people who get pregnant right away after discontinuing the pill.

Yes. If you miss a pill, you need to take it as soon as you remember, but there is still a chance you may get pregnant.

Take it as soon as you remember and use a condom, just like you would any other time you miss a pill.

If you have been taking your pill regularly, without missing any, taking 1 pill late is not likely to cause pregnancy or any ill effects. Take it as soon as you remember.

That means you didn't start the pill when you were suppose to. The birth control pill is suppose to be taken at the end of your period. If you did that and then you got your next period so soon, you're on the wrong pill. This very seldom does happen.

As soon as you become sexually active again. Or you can wait a few months and get your partner to wear a condom.

you should be safe if he pulled out. you will find out soon enough if not though

You can take them together but you will be very drowsy so don't take them and go anywhere or try to drive or anything.

you can take one at any time you think you are pregnant.

I've been on depo shot for about 9yrs and recently went off and havent had a period yet and was wondering if I can get pregnant without having a period first?

Yes, you will get your period soon if you leave your pill half way through the packet. Your period would normally start within a few days to a week but it is important to remember that if you want to avoid pregnancy to use another form of contraception if you will be having sexual intercourse. A condom is a fairly reliable alternative to the pill once it is used properly.

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