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It is very simple. You answer "Unknown". If you want to comment, you can always go to the section of application down below that says "Additional Comments" or something like that and explain why it is unknown (i.e. both parents died when you were a little child, or parents were divorced and you lost track of your dad, or anything else). However, you do not have to explain much. If underwriters of the company that you are applying with, have these additional questions they will call you to conduct a brief phone interview. It is a normal practice with reputable companies and you don't need to be worried if they call. Hope this helps. Sincerely, FH

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How can you buy life insurance for a parent?

You can purchase life insurance online for your parent. Anyone can purchase life insurance for their parent, because they have an "Insurable Interest" in their parent. You can compare free life insurance quotes online, or purchase life insurance direct online for a parent. However, your parent may need to sign an application form, and your parent may need to take a physical exam, and/or answer some health questions.

Can an employer force you to take health insurance if you have insurance with your parent?

i do not think so

Can you take out a Life insurance policy on a parent?

Yes, you can take out a life insurance policy on a parent. There must exist insurable interest between the owner and insured of a life insurance policy. There does exist insurable interest between spouses, parents and children, and siblings. So, yes, you can buy life insurance on your parent. Your parent may need to sign the application, answer some health questions, or take a medical exam to qualify for life insurance.

What personal details do you need to take out insurance on a parent?

To take out life insurance on a parent, you'll need to provide complete background and health information and the parent will have to know they are being insured.

Can an employer make you take health insurance if you already have insurance with your parent?

Some companies get better insurance rates if they require all employees to buy health insurance. IT is cheaper because the insurance company is not covering just the people that need it or use it.

What are the laws for responsibility of health insurance for a teen pregnant child IN CT.?

If the child is under age 18, then the parent is responsible for her medical bills. That is not the same as being responsible for providing her health insurance. At this point, (2013), there is not a requirement to have health insurance. If the child is age 18 or older, then the parent is not responsible for her bills. The hospital or physician's office may try to involve you, and encourage you to help her, but legally, the parent would not have the responsibility.

Who provides medical coverage for children in a divorce?

That depends on a number of factors, such as the jobs/income of each parent, the health insurance plan either or both parent has, any relevant laws of your state, etc. Sometimes both parents are required to maintain health insurance on the children, especially if they both already have health insurance plans with their jobs.

Do Non-custodial parents have to give custodial insurance card or can the non-custodial parent send the bill in to insurance themselfs.?

You don't have to give it to the custodial parent. Provide it directly to the health care provider, or call them and tell them the information on the card. The health care provider will take care of sending the bills to the health insurance company for you.

What is the best supplemental health insurance provider for a single-parent family in Rhode Island?

There are several supplemental health insurance providers in Rhode Island. The correct insurance is dependent on you family needs and the family budget.

If you are getting health insurance very soon from your job are you allowed to put your mother on your policy with you if she does not have insurance?

No. Most plans don't offer provisions for putting a parent on their insurance.

Does court mandated health insurance by non-custodial parent end at 18 in New York?


Is the parent who carries the health insurance responsible for child's medical bills?

Within the limitations of the insurance coverage and/or any specific instrauction in a custody order.

Does the custodial parent or non custodial parent have to carry health insurance on the children in Missouri?

That is an issue the court decides at the time other child support issues are addressed.

Can a step parent exclude a biological parent from medical insurance access?

Can a step parent exclude a biological parent from medical insurance access?

Do they offer health plans to minors?

Minors are almost always included on their parent's health plans. If a parent can't afford health insurance coverage, the state will almost definitely cover the child.

How do you get insurance if a parent who has no license buys your car?

Progressive Insurance can write a policy for you and your parent, but the parent is excluded as a driver because they do not have a license.

Does health in a divorce mean that you have to also provide dental and visual?

Usually health insurance means dental and vision coverage. Check with your lawyer if your employer does not offer either of those for alternatives. The coverage should be seamless so that the custodial parent has insurance available for the child as needed. Sending a copy of the card to that parent makes good sense.

How long is a parent responsible for health insurance in Wisconsin?

When the child reaches age 18, he is legally considered to be an adult in Wisconsin. A hospital or doctor could not pursue you to pay the child's medical bills. There are other ways that a parent could be held responsible for an 18-year-old's medical care. For example, if the parent had been court-ordered to provide health insurance as part of a child support order. Under health reform, a parent can keep a child on his health insurance until the child reaches age 26. Some plans will not allow you to keep the child on your plan if the child has an employer-sponsored plan offered to him. And you cannot cover your child's spouse or children on your plan.

Can you keep the health insurance you get from your parents if you get married?

It depends on the insurance company, but I personally have never known of a company that would allow a parent to continue to carry insurance on a child after that child married, because at that point, you are no longer a 'dependant' of your parents.

Can you get insurance on your parent?

Yes. It costs more if they are old or in bad health. If they die within two years you only get the amount you've paid.

Is a step brother legally considered a sibling?

Yes. That is also what makes it legal for the step-parent to carry the step-child on their health insurance.

Can a parent buy life insurance on a convicted felon?

Being a convicted felon could affect the "insurability" of a person. In other words, it could change the insurance company's evaluation of the "likelihood" that the person will die (other factors, of course, would also be considered, such as health, family history, etc.). Lifestyle can affect insurability.

Can a non-custodial parent find out how much the custodial parent was reimbursed by insurance carried by the custodial parent?

Only from your insurance. What are your concerns? See my profile.

If the disabled non working non custodial parent lives in a different state in which state should he apply for government health insurance?

the state of residence

Is a parent legally obligated to carry their adult child on health insurance in Missouri?

Not once they are adults. It is often done to help the child get started in their lives.