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Whirlpool WFW8300SW White Duet Sport Front Loading Washer is a good enery efficient washer.

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Q: If I want the most energy efficient washer, what one would I buy?
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What is the most energy efficient washer?

The LG Electronics TROMM SteamWasher WM248#H was the most energy-efficient washer of 2008.

Which Maytag washer is the most energy efficient?

Any gas-powered washer will be efficient, although consider the Maytag industrial line of washers for maximum efficiency.

Are most fridges energy efficient?

Are most fridges energy efficient

Where would solar energy be most efficient?

Sunny Place

What brand of washer and driver is the most cost effective?

LG brand is considered the most cost effective and energy efficient brand for washers and dryers.

What is the most energy efficient radiator heater?

The most energy efficient radiator heater is the oil filled one. A better option would be an electrical one because those are almost 100% energy efficient.

What treadmill is the most energy efficient?

Woodway Treadmills claim to be the most energy efficient.

Which washers are the most efficient for water usage?

The Bosch Nexxt 100 WFMC1001UC 27" Front Load Washer savex energy and water

Which is the most energy efficient light source?

LEDs are the most energy-efficient lights as of 2016.

What are the most energy efficient light fixtures for my dining room?

The most energy efficient lighing is florescent lighting; it takes less power and energy to turn on. CFL lightbulbs are also very energy efficient and would save a lot of money. They will have an energy saver sign on the box if you are not sure. A fixture that has an energy star approved logo on the item would be the most efficient and use the least amount of energy possible. Also using energy efficient light bulbs will improve the efficiency.

Which dishwasher is the most energy efficient?

Any dishwasher that is Energy Star Rated is energy efficient.

Which commercial refrigerators is the most energy efficient?

The most energy efficient commerical refrigeratiors would be anything within the JE brand , they make everything energy efficent these days and more enviromentaly friendly .

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