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Just use Frostwire

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Q: If LimeWire has stopped working what should you try first?
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How do you drag the songs from LimeWire to iTunes?

First you need to have i-tunes open AND Limewire. One you get the songs you want from Limewire, make a limewire playlist folder in your i-tunes. After you do that, go to your Limewire library and drag your songs onto the word "Limewire" in your i-tunes playlists on the left hand side. Your songs should appear! Hope this helps! ~M!$$ P3Y!~

How can you download mp3 music free from LimeWire?

Download Limewire first, then on the application find what song you are searching for and click on it after you find your search. Song should be on the app.

Auto Door locks stopped working on 97 Grand Prix after jumping and alternator replacement HELP?

Check the circuit breaker/fuse first. Your owners manual should have the location.

How can you play songs on your LimeWire toolbar?

Limewire songs are illegal; don't use them in the first place.

My ds AR stopped working how do I fix it?

first hold a and b then turn on your ar when the lincence note comes on hold start and select it should stay on for ten seconds then it is reset so you can use it.

How can you transfer a dictionary from LimeWire onto a iPod?

To get music onto itunes from limewire you need to first go into the limewire libray. Then in the middle of the screen and to the left there should be a explore button. Click on that then a box with all of your items should come up. Then right click on the one you want, a list of items should come up put the mouse on ''send to'' then another list of items should come out and one will say itunes. Click on itunes and your song will be imported. Good Luck

The steering wheel controls for the DIC on 2004 Silverado stopped working but the radio controls still work HELP?

The first thing to look for is a blown fuse. Then there should be a master reset done on the computer to reset the error this should resolve the problem.

What do you do to get songs from LimeWire?

You have to open Windows Media Player first and then click LimeWire. I know...that confused me, too.

Where you can free download hsm2 English songs?

from limewire. but you must download limewire first, and it is 100% free.

Don't know if anyone can help. My LimeWire is stuck behind a firewall and I can't find it. Please Help?

i have this problem as well. God its soooooooooo anoying. it isn't actually limewire that has the firewall its your computer. i used to be able to stop this from happening by ( first making sure that limewire is on) going to control panel>clicking on windows firewall> click on firewall on and untick don't allow exceptions box> now go into exceptions at top of window and untick limewire> next click on add program> scroll down and click on limewire scroll down and click on limewire> a window should pop up saying that limewire is already in the list of exceptions> now click on ok and then click on cancel>now tick the limewire box and after about two minutes you be able to go on limewire and all of the bars should be green or blue and the wall in front of the globe shall be gone. by the way i did all of this on windows xp so it would probably be pretty useless on a mac. this all used to work for me but just lately it hasn't been working please can someone help.

How do you download music on LimeWire?

You must first install an application from the Limewire site in order to have downloads work on your PC.

What was the first clock?

The first clock was an astronomical clock. It was built between 1352 and 1354. However, it stopped working around the beginning of the 16th century.

How do you download free music on your ipod?

Number one way: First download limewire. Then pick songs you want to download on limewire. After that download itunes. After that your music should be on itunes. You have to make sure your ipod is on windows format. Then you import the music on itunes to music or some other file on itunes. And there you have it free music. Yay! Number two way: You download itunes first and then limewire and the rest is the same.

How do you put LimeWire songs on an ipod using itunes?

First, download Limwire. Second, Get the songs, movies, etc. You want to download, Then you should see ___'s Limewire. Or ___'s limewire playlist. Something to that nature. Then you click file, sync ___'s ipod/iphone. Then you should see at the top of ur itunes tab bar, the name of the songs or movies or etc. You downloaded. After sync completion, you should have all downloaded files on your ipod/iphone. HOPE THIS HELPS! :D

1987 grand am and the speedometer was jumping up and down at first and then it stopped working what could be the cause of that?

Broken speedometer cable?

Horn stopped working on Mercedes c220?

I'd first check the fuse box. There may be one labeled HORN.

Digital clock and temperature gauge stopped working in 95 Toyota Avalon how do I fix it?

The first step should be to disconnect the sensor that is next to the radiator. After doing this, it should show dashes, if it doesn't it's the display unit and will need to be replaced. There are no repair options on this type of issue.

How do you burn LimeWire movies in iTunes?

First, iTunes support mp4 video file. Most limewire file not compatible with itunes. The only thing you should do is to download video convert tool. Google a tool called"Video Download Studio"

How do get songs onto LimeWire?

Simply use the search feature to search for the songs youre looking for, then download the ones you want. If you wish to play your downloaded tunes on windows media player, you can access them by: .first click on the start bar, then my computer .there should be a folder called limewire, open it .then go to the 'saved' folder and your folder should display your downloaded songs. .NOTE: you will have to delete your songs from limewire itself before you delete them off your saved folder.

Dashboard lights on 1977 Datsun 280Z stopped working and need to know what to do?

Check your dimmer switch under the dash first.

Can you get arrested for downloading songs from LimeWire and then buying songs from itunes store?

Yes, if your going to buy it from itunes, why download it off limewire first.

Two weeks ago my internet stopped working. What could be the problem?

First, you should verify with your internet service provider that your account is up to date. Next, you should check the version of internet explorer being used. If it is a version you have not used before, you should uninstall the current version and default to the previous version which worked.

Car was running fine then radio stopped working abs light came on stopped car shut it off and will not start at all?

ask the main dealer it could be lots of things you could check the fuses first

The heater blower stopped working except for?

The first thing that you need to check will be to make sure that you are getting both power and ground and go from there.....................

What should be done first when working on a computer?

open it

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