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This information is taken from Wikipedia:

"The Allies were also collaborating with C-byrån, the Swedish military intelligence. Sweden allowed Allied spies to listen to German radio signals from a station on Öland, and in Malmö a location was established for British military to lead bombing actions in Germany"


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Both sides fought for the neutral nations hoping to gain more allies. The neutral nations, by definition, did not fight

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The bordering countries of Laos & Cambodia were neutral.

Switzerland; Spain; Scandinavia; Holland

During World War I, Switzerland, Spain, and the Scandinavian nations remained totally neutral.

ships of neutral nations were not to be harmed

Sweden,Switzerland ,Spain and portugal

Portugal was neutral in WW2. The capital, Lisbon, however, was known as a place for espionage by all participants in the War.

There were 5 neutral nations: Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Republic of Ireland.

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

In Europe, the nations that managed to remain neutral were Sweden, Spain and Switzerland. In Africa, all countries were linked to either Italy, France or Britain so none of them remained neutral. The Latin American countries remained largely neutral. Asian countries were practically all dragged into the war, either because they were invaded by Japan or because they were colonies of Japan or one of the Allied nations.

No. Switzerland is not part of NATO, and they are entirely neutral. The Balkans nations are also not part of NATO.

Because it was regarded as a neutral country.

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Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Albania where all neutral during WW1

Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and Sweden.

During World War I, the notable neutral nations were Spain, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal.

im not sure of them all but i know Switzerland and Spain were

The League of Nations formally "recognized" its neutrality in 1920.

Different nations had different specific reasons, but in general neutrality was based on a decision to avoid subjecting the population to war.

Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland and Spain were the major neutral nations during World War II.

Luxembourg had every intention of being neutral as other nations had however they were invaded by Germans as was Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark. Neutrality pacts and nonaggression pacts they signed with Germany were unobserved by Hitler. He invaded their nations and killed their Jews. The Swiss were supposed to be neutral too but they ended up aiding Hitler to keep him out of their nation.

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