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The autorun.inf file is not crucial to the installation process; it only brings up the setup program automatically when you insert the disk. You can still perform an upgrade by running the setup program manually, or perform a clean install by booting from the CD.

Note that a Windows XP disc missing this file is highly unusual, and if this file is missing, it is quite likely other contents may missing, damaged, or have been tampered with.


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Boot with Windows install disk and follow instructions.

Yes, as long as you have a Windows installation or restoration disc and valid license key. Just boot your computer from the Windows disc, reformat the hard drive, and install Windows.

Answer = No.If you're upgrading from an older operating system (XP, Vista etc.) then you will be given the option in the Windows 7 installation to transfer your files.

You'll probably have to reinsert the "Windows XP SP_ Installation Disc" and restart the installation again, and redo the events you did the last installation, until the Partitions screen occurs/appears (In Windows XP Installation Process), and select the Partition on which you previously chose to install Windows, and the select it to be formatted using NTFS file system as you did in the last setup. This will cause the partition to be formatted with NTFS file system and make it an empty, useful partition ready to allow Windows Installation to continue on it. Later in GUI Installation, you install Windows XP as usual until the final step. Now, your Windows XP is fine, new, fast and clean Installed Windows Operating System....

It's called a "Dual-Boot" installation. When you start your computer, you will be asked to choose which operating system you want to use.

Windows 7 and Windows XP are operating systems. You cannot format operating systems. But you can format your hard disk or hard drive. You can use Windows XP bootable CD to format HDD, but you will have to use Windows 7 Bootable Installation disk to install OS on your formatted drive.

Windows 8 and Ubuntu are two totally different operating systems. Assuming you want to replace Ubuntu with Windows 8, you would need to buy a Windows 8 installation CD, boot it and install Windows 8 from there.

windows is an operating system. you need to install it in a BIOS

how I can to installation oracle 9i on windows xp 2005

If you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate you can install Windows XP Mode. Or if you want to downgrade you can do a clean install of Windows XP with an installation disk.

Yes. You can dual boot both operating systems at once. Or you can install Windows XP over Windows Vista

Any operating system that you can run on a desktop can run on a laptop as long as the hardware requirements are met. Installation procedure is similar to the one on a desktop. This applies to Windows, Linux and Mac

Software written for Windows requires the Windows operating system to be available. If you have the Windows operating system installed on a Mac Book Pro then you can install and use Windows software. (See links below)

Read this article, it shows you how to customize windows before you install it. There is another one that shows you how to optimize Windows XP at;

No , you need installation disc, but you can make a one yourself, download windows 7 iso file, then burn it onto DVD, that is your installation disc, then get a windows 7 key to activate it .

Most stores that offer PVC Windows does include installation. You may be asked if you want them to install it for you when purchasing your PVC windows.

You need a windows XP operating system CD to install Windows XP on your computer.

get a windows install disc of windows, pop it in your disc tray, and do a fresh install pretty obvious answer isn't it?

Installing windows need to specify the Version of windows as Microsoft the Owner of Windows Operating System has changed eventually the way you install the respective version of windows

It depends, which operating system you are going to install, usually windows occupies more space than that of Linux operating systems. Windows can utilize upto 5GB space for all the installation files, whereas Linux eats much low space.

If the installation is Windows, then it makes no difference, the OS will simply adapt the installation as long as it is a clean install from the install disk, however the drive can not simply be swapped out and booted, as some anti-piracy components of Windows will erase the installation, along with the fact that the drive will very likely not fit.

Re-install the operating system or install Linux.

while installation, choose the "new installation" option.. dont choose "upgrade" option..

It doesn't look as if Anderson Windows installs the windows but they do sell installation guides for the user. I found some companies that manufacture and install windows, but it depends on where you live.

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