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not all Wrestling is fake, the moves are not planned out . the only things that are fake is when titles are moved and when they take punches but the rest is real

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Q: If Wrestling is fake how do they plan all the moves?
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Is all wrestling fake?

no The storylines are fake the actual wreslting moves no they are not.

Is the WWE wrestling entertainment fake?

Yes sir it is fake But there might be fights that are not fake. Ones that aren't advertised on TV before it comes. NO THERE ARE ALL FAKE There is a difference between scripted and fake, the storyline is scripted the actual wrestling moves are real and they do hurt. They are trained to do the moves with the least amount of injuries.

What collages have girls wrestling?

wrestling is fake wwe and all wrestling it is all fake.

Is tna wrestling fake?

all wrestling is fake now a days

Is half of wrestling fake?

Wrestling Can Be Fake and Real , TNA Wrestling is 50 Percent real and 50 Percent Fake , As For The WWE They Are Like 65 Percent Fake and 45 Percent real , ECW Was all Real In The Ring but Was Staged , Wrestling is both Fake and Real.

What are Fake wrestling in TN age requirements?

Well first of all it's called PRO wrestling, not fake wrestling. go back to school

Is the tombstone piledriver fake?

Sadly I have to break the news that all of Wrestling is fake, therfore yes the tombstone piledriver is fake. sADLY I HAVE TO BREAK THE NEWS TO YOU THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. i HAVE BEEN TOMBSTONE, AND IT HURTS. THE ONLY THING FAKE IS THE STORYLINE, THE MOVES ARE NOT.

Who idea was to make WWE fake?

All wrestling fake.

Is the WWE fake wrestling?

Yes. All the moves are planned pre-match and its all safety checked so the 'wrestlers' dont get injured.

Is wrestling WWE completely fake?

You can't fake how they land but it is all staged an planned before. the storylines are fake the actual wrestling is not

Is all wrestling matchs scripted?

no not at all wrestling ain't fake but some stuff is scripted and wrestlers don't get enough credit from alot of people the moves r real somtimes if they mess up they will botch but not always wrestling is more real than people would ever imagine

Is WWE and all wrestling fake?

Very much so, WWE wrestling is FAKE. The fights are staged and the wrestlers are trained to perform the moves so that they don't hurt Pro wrestling is more scripted than fake as a lot of wrestlers and Divas really do get hurt. All matches are usually have pre-determine outcomes but there are occasional last minute changes to the outcome of matches. Wrestler Sid Vicious broke his leg, Triple H and Kevin Nash torn quadricep muscles all on national tv so it not always fake.

Is TNA real or fake?

Well obviously all wrestling companies are fake. People like it for the entertainment.

Is WWF fake?

HELO! OF COURSE IT IS! Yes, WWE is fake and TNA is fake, almost all of the wrestling is fake.

How do you fake a fight?

do all the wrong moves

How do you lose a fake wrestling match. How do you act like you lose a wrestling match?

It's all a script. They read it and act it out.

Was wwf wrestling real wrestling?

There has been reports it is fake. Nobody really know 100% for sure if it is or was fake or real. June 2010 - I know 100% that the story lines and some of the moves are real but not applied with enough strength to actually hurt you. No because all the matches are rehearsed before the actual match. each wrestler is amazing acrobats

What is fake in Pro Wrestling?

all of the punching is fake some of the names are fake and the weapons are mostly real because the the thumbtacks are real and so is barbed wire, and the sound a steel chair makes ain't fake. That is why most blood in wrestling is on the forehead because cutting anywhere else would be dangerous and can hurt them. watch "hulk hogans celebrity championship wrestling on much more music and you'll learn something aout wrestling.

Are WrestleMania matches real or fake?

Undoubtedly, all professional wrestling is choreographed.

Was ECW Real or Scripted?

Its complicated, all pro wrestling that you know it technically fake, WWF, WWE, WCW, AEW TNA, ect including ECW, but ECW was by far the most real, here's why, in WWE every second and every little thing is scripted, but in ECW the matches are pre determined but most bumps are real, because ECW is the most brutal, so brutal that you CAN'T fake it, ECW gives much more freedom to all their employees than other companies like WWE, the ECW promos are mostly made by the stars themselves, and the bumps and moves by the ECW stars are made up as they go along, so ECW is technically fake wrestling but its real in a way.

Is there any reason at all to have professional wrestling?

There is and isn't. The reason there is pro wrestling is to entertaining people and there isn't to some people because they think it is all fake and boring.

What WWE is real?

WWE is real but in a different way. I'm not saying its fake, but scripted. They plan out all the moves and who wins, but some things really hurt like falling off a ladder.

Is ring of honor fake?

Just like any pro wrestling it is pre-determend but also like any wrestling all the bumps are real

How do people make the WWE fake?

It isn't fake but all the moves are pre-determined and planned out before hand

Why is TNA Fake?

because all professor wrestling is fake not even a single shot hits them but accidents do happen told to me straight by Mick Foley to me