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DN 14K stands for a diamond necklace that is 14 karats of gold. 14K is the amount of gold or alloy that is in the necklace.

14K GE on a gold necklace means that it is 58.5% gold that is gold electroplating.

It could be any weight. 14k gold means 14 karat gold and tells you the amount of pure gold in the necklace (58%). It tells you nothing about how heavy the necklace is. (24k gold is 100% pure, and is softer than 14k gold.)

how much is a 14k necklace worth that weighs 4.05 grams how much is a 14k necklace worth that weighs 4.05 grams how much is a 14k necklace worth that weighs 4.05 grams

I can't help with the origins of Duragold except that it is a trademark for gold jewelry.. if I remember correctly when I purchased my gold necklace which is stamped 14K Duragold Italy it meant that the necklace had a special treatment or alloy that made it more durable. Don't knock it though, or think its fake. 3 years ago my 14K Duragold Italy necklace was appraised by a jewelry appraiser and certified for insurance for $500.00.

It means REAL 14K Gold, 58.3% Solid Gold. GCJ is the manufacturer

585 stands for 14k gold, 14k is 58.5% gold. the vl is the makers mark.

It means it is a 14k gold necklace.

All legitimate gold will be stamped as to the amount of gold in them. 14k gold does not have quite as much as 18k but is not as delicate. Also, gold is NOT magnetic.

14K stamped on a gold ring means that the ring is made of 14 carat gold. If the stamp reads K14, it was just marked improperly.

It tells you the proportion of gold in it.

Depends how long it is!!!!!!!!!! ----------------- And how much it weighs.

It means that the Designer is ArtCarved Bridal and it is true 14K Gold.

14K GP means fourteen karat -- gold plated.

14K means the ring is supposed to be 14k Gold. That is 58.5% gold and 41.5% other metals. If the stamp is Bellcrest, it is the hallmark of the manufacturer.

There are two reasons a ring could be stamped with 14k and 925 1) The ring is made from both 14k gold and Sterling Silver (925). 2) The ring is made from Vermeil which can be made from 14k gold thickly plated over Sterling Silver.

it means your ring is made of 14k gold and also it was made in italy

I believe it means the item is 14K gold over sterling silver

14kM mean 14k ring for men

it should be 585 and that means 14k gold

The 14K is the Gold content and the S and S either stands for Sterling Silver or it is a Maker's Mark.

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