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Answerif anybody has any ideas pleas let me no it very important that my 17 year old comes home. he was on suicide watch while on his base, and needs to come home fast please get back with an answer asap

What was the reason why he was on sucide watch? in most sates a 17 year old

can not enlist into the miltary without parental consent.

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A 16 year old who wants to change his last name will probably need to wait until he or she is of legal age to make the change. It can not be done in this state.

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=why not!?!=

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No he can not.

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Kissing is not illegal with a 14 year old. 16 is fine go at it but make sure he/she wants to!

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an 18 year old can do whatever he/she wants. theyre now considered adult.

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An 18 year old is an adult and doesn’t have to choose any parent. At 18 he can get married, sign a contract, join the military, buy a car, and vote. He doesn’t need parents permission for anything.