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If the mother is already the non-custodial parent, then the custodial father already has custody. If the question is meant to ask if the mother can give up her parental rights, then you would need to petition the court.

Custody of the child, or custodial rights to see the child? Either is possible, it just depends on whether you are willing to do the work. see links below

If the child is young enough to be subject to custodians, the only way a child can stay with a noncustodial parent beyond the requirements of the divorce or separation agreement is with the approval of the custodial patent.

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In Michigan, the custodial parent can't move the kids more than 100 miles away from the other parent and can't go out of state, even for a vacation, without permission from the court

Yes, if the father is the custodial parent. It works just the same as when the mother is the custodial parent. The non-custodial pay child support based on their income and other factors.

No. (The answer is the same whether the father is the obligor/non-custodial parent or obligee/custodial parent.)

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I find it remarkable that your father not living in this country will want to visit you and pay for a possibly long trip. That said, I also know that wanting to go on vacation with your custodial parents shows good bonding with them. So you do not want to hurt either one. If it is at all possible to call your father to change his visitation, I would give it a try.

A custodial parent may have to pay child support if his income is significantly higher than that of the non-custodial parent based on the non-custodial parent's "parenting time" percentage.

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The courts grant or withhold custody.

As he is a non custodial father he has no need to give up his rights at all. see relate question below

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Yes, though if the NC is the father, they usually don't.

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