Timing and Firing Orders

If a 1985 VK Commodore has a red 202 but will not start after installing a new distributor could it be the firing order and if so what is the firing order?


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I also have a VK with the same problem. After many hours spent checking and replacing parts including the distributor I have come to the conclusion that it may well be the black box computer. This is found inside the firewall on the passenger side of the car. Not sure on how much it is to replace but I may well cut my losses as I have spent a lot of money already.

i'am no expert or anything like that but since i got a vk about a year ago i have leant a lot about the engine. i think that you are right, my vk has a black motor and i'am not sure if the operation is exactly the same but in the black motor that little box/computer reads the signals from the crank angle sensor (a small little thing bolted at the back of the engine and goes into the top of the bell housing) if you try to remove the crank angle sensor from the engine it will not even start because the distributor in the black motor is not operated the same way as normal distributors (it has no vacum lines attacted to it like normal) it is very simple in design and i think that the box/computer controls the operation of the distributor

A VK Commondore? What the heck is that?

assumeing its a 4cyl the fireing order is 1-3-4-2 going when you take off the dizzy cap there should be a notch on the outer edge this would indicate cyl1 rotate the engine to see which way the arm rotates the from that notch point afix the HT leads in the order of 1-3-4-2 and that should do it if it a v6 it will be 1-5-3-4-2-6 and for v8 1-5-3-4-2-8-6


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There could be many reasons for a Celica ST205 GT4 not firing. The sparks could be bad, or the cables or distributor could be damaged.?æ

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Could be a bad ignition coil Could be a bad distributor cap or rotor

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You could go to under repair info then specifications to look up firing order.

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it could be the firing order if u had it tuned up lately check the spark plug wires 2 see if the firing order is right.if that is not it then it could be the timing, which can usually be fixed easy by turning the distributor a little bit.

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