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I have the same issue on my 89 integra. I've replaced the plugs, cables, fuel filter, PCV valve with no luck. What I noticed is that the stalling and hard warm-starting goes away when I use fuel injector cleaner in the fuel monthly. Next, I plan to replace the fuel injectors.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-08 03:45:29
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Q: If a 1990 Integra will have problem starting then drive for 30 mins i shut it off try restart it stalls then will start after 10 mins replaced plugs fuel filter pcv cleaned out manifold?
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The water pump on a 1994 Acura Integra is replaced by removing the engine accessories, pulling the radiator hoses, and taking out the retaining bolts. The pump can then be pulled from the engine block, the surface cleaned, and a new pump put in case.

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If your pump is out you should not run the engine as this will ruin it very quickly. If you have an oil pressure guage and you have less than 10 psi of oil pressure you have a problem. My 94 Chevy G20 van with a 5.7L had low oil pressure until I replaced the intake manifold gaskets, during which I cleaned the "gunk" between the cylinder banks. I also replaced the oil pressure sensor sensor which I broke while removing the manifold (oops). Now the engine has good oil pressure at all rpm's. Not sure which was the issue.

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You have a 89 Dodge colt 15L and it almost refuses to start when its dead cold in the mornings or after school you've replaced the plus distributor cap and rotor and ive cleaned out the throttle body?

change the oxygen sensor on the exaust manifold. When it starts going bad it delivers incorrect fuel amounts at start up.

1991 Ford Explorer 4 liter fuel filter has been replaced but vehicle is hard starting first start and you hear a lot of fuel rattle on acceleration and at highway speed?

To add to this I have now also had the injectors cleaned - no luck - Help!

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I had similar problems with the 5 cylinder engine. The crankcase ventilation system had a cracked hose under the intake manifold. to get to it, the intake manifold had to come off. the square plastic tank was nearly plugged with carbon/oil as well. I cleaned that out and replaced all the pcv hoses. " " has a picture of the parts needed under pcv breather kit. good luck

76 dodge Van hard to start and rough idle plus hesitates on acceleration?

change the intake and carb worked for me and the intake manifold needs to be cleaned out