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If the cylinder is in fact chambered for .22LR, and is fitted and timed correctly, then .22LR ammunition would be correct to use. Using .22LR ammunition in a .22 Magnum chamber will cause the case to split. If in doubt, have it checked by a gunsmith.

2006-07-29 23:35:53
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A sentence for accurate?

"The Cretan archers were very accurate when shooting arrows."

What choke should you use when shooting a slug in 20 ga Remington 310?

Slugs shoot best out of cylinder bore or improved cylinder. They will usually not be as accurate out of tightly choked barrels, and may actually damage the choked portion.

Do you hold breath when firing a firearm?

For long range and/or very accurate shooting yes, sort of. You take a deep breath, let about half of it out, then fire the gun. If you are shooting close range self defense shooting, this is not as important because you don't have to be quite that accurate.

What is the most accurate shooting place on a soccer field?

In front of the net

Why is coordination important in netball?

For efficient running into space and accurate passing/shooting.

What choke do you use when shooting slugs with a mossberg 500 20 gauge?

improved cylinder

In black powder hand gun shooting what is it called when one loaded cylinder fires and will spark another cylinder also to fire?

Its called a chain fire.

Who shoots free throw underhanded?

Ricky Berry had an unorthodox but accurate underhanded free throw shooting

What is the average accurate shooting range for an in-line 50cal. buckhunter rifle?

ABOUT 200 yards.

What is the best position to shoot from on a firearm?

Depends on the firearm, what you are shooting, and where you are. With a rifle, firing from a supported position, such as a benchrest is the most accurate. In the field, the prone position is most accurate. However, that does not work well if you are in waist deep grass, or duck hunting with a shotgun. With a handgun, a two handed shooting stance is most accurate, and using a support makes that better.

What are rifles used for?

For shooting things from a relatively large distance. It is more accurate than a pistol or an automatic weapon.

Is there a part of a basketball court from which your shooting is more accurate compared to other parsof the court?

yes ROM the key

What is best choke tube when shooting buckshot from a Charles Daly 20 gauge pump?

modified or cylinder - get both and try them out

What choke is best for shooting quail?

Improved cylinder or larger. Actually alot of folks do very well with a skeet gun.

Can you keep CO2 in your bb gun?

Not really. It will leak out eventually. Besides by leaving a charged C02 cylinder in the pistol keeps pressure on the seal and this may damage it over time. I always take the cylinder out of the pistol when I am finished shooting. No matter how much C02 is left int the cylinder. It doesn't cost that much to put a new Cylinder in the pistol when I want to use it again. Besides leaving it in the pistol will eventually reform the seal. I want it to return to a normal shape between shooting sessions. Is it cheaper to buy a new cylinder or have the pistol repaired because the seal is warped.

When shooting free throws in basketballs Tyson is about 65 percent accurate If he attempets 20 free throws in a row how many can expect to make?


Should you use improve cylinder or modified to hunt deer?

if your are shooting buck shot i think either should work fine however if you are shooting slugs choke tubes are not recommended and you shout get a slug barrel which does no accept choke tubes and has no threads

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Do shooting strings on a lacrosse stick increase the speed of your shot?

No. It just makes your shot more accurate. Or it also helps if you want some whip on your stick.

How far can a hand gun shoot?

It depends on several factors, but in general, the bullet from a handgun can travel a mile or more if fired at an upward angle. As far as accurate shooting, it widely depends. The typical defensive handgun is accurate out to maybe 50 yards (but there are exceptions), but some guns are target models and are accurate further than that.

Where did Neil Patrick Harris state that he is gay?

Neil Patrick Harris stated in November 2006 on the shooting set of the movie 'Justice League: The New Frontier' that he is gay. His partner is the actor David Burtka.

What are some consequences of rifling being created?

1. Much more accurate long range shooting. 2. It made hand to hand combat less common.

How do you make colt 1911 target more accurate?

take it to a reliable gunsmith in your area and have it customized for target shooting. if no gunsmith known go to: and ask..............

Which choke tube should you use on the jc Higgins model 20 12 ga?

The choke you use depends on your target rather than the type of shotgun. For example: if you are shooting skeet, you would use improved or modified cylinder, but if you are shooting trap, you would use full choke.

What are the purpose of rifling in the gun?

The purpose is to make the bullet spin as it leaves the rifle. The spin makes the bullet travel in a straight line, and allows for accurate shooting at longer distances.