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The ticket will be reported back to DC and treated just as if you received it in DC.

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Q: If a DC resident receives a ticket for failure to obey a highway sign in Virginia will it affect his driving license and insurance rates?
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Where can I get Virginia car insurance?

Virginia car insurance can be found on Virginia Auto Insurance and the Virginia Car Insurance Center, especially if you have a very good driving record.

How do insurance companies know you had an accident?

1) Your insurance company receives your driving record from your DMV. If you are in an accident and it is reported to the police, they will add that accident to your driving record. 2) When you are in an auto accident, the insurance companies of everyone involved are notified when people submit claims.

If one has a bad driving record, is it possible to attain car insurance in the state of Virginia?

If one has a bad driving record, it is still possible to attain car insurance in the state of Virginia. The main problem is that you will end up paying a much higher premium.

In Ohio if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving your car without permission and hits a car and you have insurance are you responsible?

I sense that this person driving your car without permission is a resident of your household. Without a police report of the theft of your vehicle then the person driving your car, especially if they are a resident of your household and reasonably knew where to find the keys, would have presumptive permission to use the car and your insurance will have to pay.

Where can I find affordable car insurance in Virginia?

Visit the website They offer insurance options even to people who have less than a perfect driving record.

How can you get NJ driving license if you are ny resident?

By becoming a NJ resident.

Where can I inquire anything about car insurance for bad drivers in Virginia?

Neser Insurance Agency can definitely help you get started because they offer cheap car insurance for those with good and bad credit and driving records.

What is the driving distance from fredericksburg Virginia to Arlington Virginia?

The driving distance is 51 miles.

What is the driving distance from Harrisonburg Virginia to Portsmouth Virginia?

The driving distance is about 230 miles.

How many points driving on your driving record for driving without insurance?

I'm not sure, but driving without insurance is STUPID, and DANGEROUS!

Why insurance company require driving records?

This is how they evaluate the risk that you pose. Insurance companies use many different variables to evaluate the risk of a loss occurring. Driving record is only one of these factors. A person who receives several tickets for speeding or other violations will have an accident, guaranteed.

Is there a class you felony in Virginia for driving with no liscenes?

Driving without a drivers permit in Virginia is NOT a felony.

When was Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve born?

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve was born in 1933.

Is it legal to drive without insurance in florida if the car your driving is insured?

If the car you are driving is insured then you are not driving without insurance.

What is the Law for driving without car insurance in Virginia?

If your car is registered in VA and you live there, and they find out that it's not insured, they will fine you $500 PER CAR for not having insurance. They'll find out eventually.

Driving distance from Toronto Canada to williamsburg Virginia?

what is the driving distance from Toronto Canada to williamsburg Virginia

How far back can insurance look on your driving record in Virginia?

They can look as far back as they want to. Though most will only look for 5 years.

What car insurance company in Virginia will cover a driver with a DUI?

Many national car insurance companies will vastly increase your rates or cancel your policy altogether after a drunk driving conviction or an administrative DMV.

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record in West Virginia?

Driving record are permanent, They never go away. Fortunately, assessement of points will end after 10 years by your state and most insurance companies will only look at your driving record for the last 3 to 5 years, so after that it is unlikely to affect your insurance rates.

Can a person get insurance on International driving permit?

Yes, you can buy auto insurance with an international driving permit.

Motorcyclists must have motorcycle insurance before driving.?

Motorcyclists must have motorcycle insurance before driving.

What is the driving distance between Richmond Virigina and Hampton Virginia?

The driving distance from Richmond, Virginia to Hampton, Virginia is 78 miles / 126 km

Driving miles from Virginia to Massachusetts?

The driving distance from Virginia to Massachusetts is about 600 miles using I-95 North.

What is the driving distance from Virginia beach Virginia to elizabeth city North Carolina?

The driving distance is about 62 miles.

Can you take your driving test in another state if you are a resident?