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No she doesn't just make sure that the man loves you and he has your best interest at heart and if you have children be double sure. This citizenship stuff is no joke, desperate people do desperate things.

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If a Mexican Citizen marries a Canadian Citizen in Canada does the Mexican Citizen automatically have Canadian Citizenship?

no, he needs to get a 3 year stay

Does a US citizen who marries a Mexican National become a citizen of Mexico?


If a us citizen marries a Mexican citizen and they live in Mexico will the us allow her to have dual citizenship Mexico and us?

US citizenship cannot be lost by her becoming a Mexican citizen. Mexico would control whether she becomes a Mexican citizen. US has no involvement in the process.

If a citizen of Canada marries a US citizen will they automatically receive US citizenship?

No. Marrying a US citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident or citizenship status on any foreign national.

If American citizen marries French citizen do they both have duel citizenship?

No. citizenship has to do with where you were born, and where your parents were born. It has nothing to do with marriage.

If an American marries a Mexican in Mexico does that person automaticly becom e a Mexican citizen?

no they do not the Mexican instead becomes an American citizen

If an American marries a Mexican what are the requirements for the Mexican to receive American citizenship?

The Mexican must apply for Resident Status and after 3 years of being a Resident Alien they can apply for Citizenship.

Can a US citizen marry UK citizen and get citizenship in UK?

Sometimes. A US citizen can marry anybody he/she likes. If a US citizen marries a UK citizen, that alone will not entitle him/her to UK citizenship. The US Citizen will stand to lose the US citizenship if he/she applies to get naturalized as a US citizen. UK citizenship can be acquired sometimes by descent.

If a US citizen marries a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they both return to the US?

sure you can return back to the US

What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

If an American Citizen marries a Guatemalan will they lose US citizenship?

No. When you are born an American you are always an American unless you decide to take the citizenship of another country.

Does an alien on visa get citizenship when they marry an American?

Yes, regardless of the alien's status. He can adjust his status and apply for citizenship once he or she marries a U.S. citizen.

Can an American get Mexican Citizenship or dual citizenship by marrying a Mexican?

A foreigner who marries a Mexican doesn't automatically get Mexican nationality, but they can apply for Mexican nationality after only 2 years instead of waiting longer. For example, a foreigner (not married to a Mexican) who applies for Mexican nationality on the basis of Mexican residence has to wait 5 years.

If a person holding a US residency card marries a US citizen does that qualify them for US citizenship?

pretty sure it does No, marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically confer permanent residence status nor the assurance of being granted citizenship to a foreign national. It will change the priority level assigned to the foreign spouse's application for citizenship. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

If a US citizen marries a non US citizen and has a child outside the us is the child a US citizen?

Yes the child is as long as one parent is a US citizen. At 18 the child may have a choice of choosing one citizenship since they hold a dual citizenship.

If an American citizen marries a filipino citizen in the Philippines would it make him a filipino citizen also?

No You would have to apply for citizenship just like the other person would have to apply to become a US citizen.

If an American citizen marries a Brazilian citizen in Brazil what steps are necessary for the American child to become a citizen also?

the child and your self need to go to immagrastion and get citizenship in brazil for the child.

Canadian woman marries UK citizen in Canada wishes to register marriage in UK and obtain UK citizenship?

Have to live in UK for 3 years to get UK citizenship

When a Filipino marries a US Citizen what does she become?

She remains a Filipino citizen. Her US husband can petition for her, in which case, once approved, she becomes an American citizen. She can retain Filipino citizenship (hold dual citizenship) by applying at her nearest Philippine Embassy in the US (if she is based there).

If Indian citizen marries foreign national does she losses her nationality?

No, she will not lose her nationality. Chances are she may also get foreign national's country citizenship too. However, marrying a foreigner does not have chances of losing nationality.

What does a US citizen need to do to become a citizen in Iceland?

Try marrying someone from Iceland and then apply for a citizenship. CitizenshipAs a general rule foreign nationals must have been domiciled in Iceland for seven years before they can apply for citizenship. Nationals of the Nordic countries, however, may apply after 5 years of domicile. A foreign national who marries an Icelandic national may apply for citizenship after having been resident in Iceland for three years after the marriage. A foreign national, who is cohabiting with an Icelandic citizen, both being unmarried, may apply for Icelandic citizenship if the cohabitation has lasted for more than five years. Application forms for Icelandic citizenship are available from the Ministry of Justice.

If a US citizen goes to Lithuania and marries a Lithuanian will that person become a US citizen?

No,since she will become your wife,you can go to us embassy,and vouch for her to quicker get citizenship.

If an American citizen marries a foreigner do they lose their American citizenship?

No you do not.The only person that doesn't have citezenship in America is the person from overseas.Another answer:Marriage to a foreign citizen does not affect one's own citizenship. If the new spouse wishes to obtain US citizenship, the laws of the home country determine whether or not that individual either gets dual citizenship or loses the original citizenship. For example, if a bride from New Zealand marries an American, she may gain US citizenship and retain her New Zealand citizenship. If a Chinese bride seeks US citizenship, though, China will not permit her to retain her Chinese citizenship.

Does a Mexican citizen become a legal American if marries a American?

Not automatically. They have to apply for a green card and then apply for Naturalization.

If a legal immigrant marries a citizen in the US what rights does the legal immigrant get?

If they're in the country legally, they should apply for US citizenship.