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Yes, this debt should have been marked as a bankruptcy by the original creditor. It cannot be changed from a bankruptcy to a discharge unless the bankruptcy did not go through.

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Q: If a bankruptcy was discharged on an account that was sold to another lender and the original creditor is marking it as a charge off should it be marked as bankruptcy by the original creditor?
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How do you stop a creditor from updating the account that is included in bankruptcy?

Make sure the creditor was notified that their debt was included in and discharged through your bankruptcy. Once notified, they cannot legally update a trade line.

Do you need to include account numbers for both the collection agency and the original creditor on your bankruptcy form?

Include the original account number if you are including the original creditor. Include the account number for the collection agency if you do not have the orignal creditor information and are including them as "Care Of" for service.

Can a creditor put a hold on your savings account after you claim bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, all your assets are revealed to the trustee and basically frozen. No, a creditor probably won't put a hold on your savings account after you file but they can until your bankruptcy is discharged. Usually a letter from your attorney saying you have filed bankruptcy will stop this action.

How do you get a creditor to withdraw late payment reports that occured after you filed BK if the creditor claims they can continue to report this?

If the account with the late payments was discharged in the bankruptcy, that account needs to have all information removed except for the "discharged in bankruptcy" (or similar) statement. Once the account is discharged, continuing to show late payments is like hitting the consumer twice. Send the original creditor copies of the pertinent pages from your bankruptcy papers, copies of your id, ss card and a letter requesting that they change the way the account is being reported to the bureaus. Concurrently, write the bureaus and request the same changes. If you are not successful, you may have to file suit to have the information shown accurately.

Is it legal for a creditor to make inquiries even after the account has been discharged from bankruptcy for over a year?

If you are referring to a credit report the answer is NO. If the query is in reference to a creditor attempting to collect a debt that was included in the bankruptcy, the answer is also NO!2If the creditor is listed in the bankruptcy, No. If they continue to pursue it you can contact your attorney request a copy of the matrix filed in your bankruptcy, and either advise them of the page number the creditor is listed on and that it was discharged. Or, you can file a complaint with the federal court in your area and have it investigated.

Can your old creditors still make entries on your credit report after the bankruptcy has been discharged?

Yes, they can. The real question is, why would they want to? It costs creditors to place (and to update) information on the credit bureaus. If their debt was discharged through your bankruptcy, the only entries they should be making are to "clean up" the account and mark it as "discharged" or "included in bankruptcy". All other negative information needs to be removed from the tradeline so that this no longer impacts your credit score. (You are already taking a huge hit to your score for the legal action) If this has not happened, perhaps this particular creditor has not been notified that their account was discharged. Either you or your attorney needs to send the creditor a copy of your bankruptcy papers and request that they update the credit bureaus accordingly.

If your ex-wife files for bankruptcy can you go after her for not paying on a joint account?

Not if the debt is discharged in the bankruptcy.

Is it legal for a creditor to charge late fees on an account AFTER it has been discharged in chapter 7?

Provided the account was indeed discharged and the late fees were generated after the discharge, the answer is no.

Should original creditor and the new creditor the account was sold to be included in bankruptcy?

Both and anyone else you can think about in the middle, because it removes any claims down the road for not providing proper notice.

Should an account discharged in bankruptcy have a status of closed and if it still says open is this hurting you?

In this instance the account would generally be noted as "included in bankruptcy. The impact the open account would have is insignificant, compared to the bankruptcy.

Can a creditor seize your checking account after you file bankruptcy?

Not without the approval of the court

Can a debt collector change the date of last activity on an account that was discharged in bankruptcy?

The debt collector cannot change the date of anything, legally. If the account was discharged in bankruptcy, everything up to the filing date is not owed any longer.

Can you stop a creditor from selling your account once you have filed bankruptcy?

No. The bankruptcy is to stop anyone who has a right to collect a debt from being able to collect, called the automatic stay. If the debt is listed in the correct debt owner's (creditor's) address and it is discharged, it does not matter who owns the debt.

If a collection agency freezes your bank account and on the next day you file for bankruptcy can they still freeze your money?

A collection agency, or any party, can only freeze your bank account IF they have sued your first and won a judgment against you. If you file for bankruptcy, it will not immediately release the levy on the account. The court that rendered the judgment must be notified of the bankruptcy filing, as well as the judgment creditor. The account could remain frozen until the outcome of your bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy, and the judgment debt is discharged, then the bank account must be released. It is possible to release a levy before discharge, but it will usually require the bankruptcy attorney to do it.

Your personal bankruptcy was filed in 2000 can your name be added to a CD account?

If your bankruptcy was "discharged" in 2000, then yes. Discharged means it is done! If you are still in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, still paying the trustee--then no. If the trustee finds out about the CD, it will cause lot of problems.

Can a secondary collection agency collect on a charge-off when the debt is over 3 years old and the original creditor has declared bankruptcy?

More than likely. Three years is not long enough for an SOL to expire. What probably happened was, the account was bought from the creditor, which is common practice. The BK of the original creditor, has no relevancy if the debt was sold.

Can a collector who bought your account from the creditor be awarded a lawsuit judgment if the debt was included in your bankruptcy?

There is something amiss here, a debt that is discharged in bankruptcy is no longer collectible. Therefore a lawsuit could not be filed and won nor a judgment awarded to the plaintiff pertaining to such a debt. The involved party should contact the attorney that handled the bankruptcy and have the judgment voided if it is indeed invalid. It would be advisable to acertain if the debt was discharged rather than excluded from the bankruptcy or perhaps sold previous to the filing of the petition.

Can you pay an original creditor after the debt is sold to a collector?

No, the collection agency is now the rightful owner of the debt in question and the original creditor has removed the account from their books.

Can you have a catalog account after you are discharged from bankruptcy?

Yes, after bankruptcy your debt (that which was listed in the bankruptcy) is eliminated. It may, however, take some time to restore your credit rating to the point where creditors will take a risk on you.

Can a creditor sell your account after filing bankruptcy? doesn't change the rights of the creditor...or your obligations as a dedtor...the buyer probably paid very little and is hoping your BK will pay the debt off at a higher amount. Basically, a creditor may sell his rights at any is does not change your obligation under the loan at all. To clarify, it does not mean the new creditor can disregard the bankruptcy and any bar on collection activities that may be in force just because they just bought the debt. They only get the rights to what you would have paid the original creditor in the bankruptcy - they "step into the shoes" of the one they bought from.

Can a creditor add an account to your bankruptcy when the account was opened after filing and you didn't include it yourself?

No, debts acquired after the filing cannot be included in the BK petition.

If account is sold to collections should original creditor remove that account?

The original creditor does not remove your information. What is should say in the notes section is that the account has been transfered or sold to a third party collection agency. This information will remain on your account until the 7 year clock expires.

If you declared bankruptcy can a creditor continue to mark your report as a charge off even after the date of your bankruptcy?

The account will or should be changed to read "included in bankruptcy". It will still however remain on the report until the seven year time limit expires. However, the account is charged off for the amount that wasn't collected and reporting that would be proper too. (Charge off is how the creditor reflects that you didn't pay and he had a loss on the account...that it was by bankruptcy makes no difference...actually worse).

If someone files for bankruptcy can the Credit Card company take money out of your checking account to try and retrieve some of the debt after they were informed you were filing bankruptcy?

No, once a bankruptcy is filed an automatic "stay" is in place, and creditors cannot pursue any collection action. Even outside of bankruptcy, a creditor cannot arbitrarily garnish a debtor's bank account. The creditor needs to file and win a lawsuit, be granted a judgment and then enforce the judgment as a bank account garnishment.

Can the original creditor direct their collections agency to have an account removed from a credit report?