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No. It means you like him.

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I dont think you should try to make him like you. I think you should move on. A good boyfriend likes you for the way you are. One who makes you feel good, who makes your day. Who likes the way you talk and laugh. and likes the 'type ' of girl you are. Not one who doesnt think you are his type.

a girl who makes him laugh he does not have a type of girl that he likes

you could tell that a boy likes you when he makes you laugh being rude or just starring at you all the time!

it depends he likes a girl with a good smile and that makes him laugh

a girl that is nice that makes him laugh and likes him for who he is.

Women likes men who make them laugh because it indicates that the person is jovial and happy go lucky.

Danny's frog likes to jump to music, which makes Danny laugh

you would know if a hot boy likes u if he makes you laugh!Dont forget let the boy be good!

He most likely likes you. I know a boy who does that to me all the time.

If he talks to you alot,, and is nice to you and makes you laugh maybe? im not sure if i helped Cya

Well he might be unconsciously flirting but on most cases he likes you , but really try and observe if he flirts touches you makes you laugh alot play-teases you !

A person who makes us laugh is a comedian.

Look for signs. Like maybe if he makes you laugh alot. Or maybe he looks or stares at you.

When he/she follows you too much or when he makes you laugh a lot.that happens to me with this girl.(follows me too much)

it depends....if he puns around his friends and they all make fun of you then he is just making fun of you...if he puns you and wants you to laugh along, then he likes you

when his best girl bud kira makes him laugh

its the (sleepy) gas and it makes you laugh.

Tell her something funny to make her laugh. A girl always likes someone who makes her smile.

If he or she says something funny or cool that makes your crush laugh or interested and they keep going on with themselves.

If he makes you laugh, it probably means he likes you. Make him laugh too, and be his friend for once, just try to be nice to him if you don't like him. If he made you laugh, then you probably don't have a big problem with him or anything. Depending on what your friends think of him, maybe you should act the same way, showing him you like him. This is a crush-o-meter. The redder his cheeks get when you stare at him and smile, the more he likes you. Don't do this too much, however, because he may want to ask you out.

If he is really outgoing he would have told you himself already. Signs, hum lets see. He likes to be close to you. He looks at you with bedroom eyes. You catch him looking at you when your not near him. He likes to touch your hair and poke your arm. He makes comments to you that he doesnt make to other girls around, like about your hair, eyes, clothing, laugh. I say ask him out this is the century of the woman.......Break the ice....

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