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well he likes you or he just doesnt want to talk to you.

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If a boy blush does that mean the he like you?

He may as well as be shy and nervous around you.

If a shy boy likes you how will he react when you stare at him?

When you look at a shy boy that likes you he will be nervous and will start blushing!

Why do you get shy when im with the boy you really like?

boys make girls nervous until you get comfortable around them

If a boy gets nervous around you does he fancy you?

Possibly, Or he could be shy. Even so if he does fancy you start to talk to him and try to make him less nervous

What does it mean when a guy is only shy and nervous just around you?

When a guy acts shy and nervous around you but no one else, it means he likes you.

Why are girls so shy when a boy likes them?

we girls get shy when we are a around a guy that likes us because we want to be cool, and we are nervous because there could be any moment he could up and decide he wants to ask us out. so that's why we get so shy around a boy that likes us.

What does it mean when your normally shy but extra extra nervous around cute boys?

Most girls tend to get nervous around boys and it just seems more extreme for you as you are shy to begin with. Of course if you think someone is cute or you have a crush on someone your shyness becomes more extreme and it is just that your shy and like these (the) boy(s).

Why doesn't my boy friend kiss at all?

It's because they are shy nervous

Signs of when a boy likes a girl?

when a boy likes youI am a shy boy and I just can't talk properly talk to her.I get nervous when I talktn her.Usually the signs are when they are always looking at you, or just want to be around you. when boys are shy, they'll look away when you look at them, they'll be kinda shy to talk to you the usual.

How do you know when a shy boy likes you?

They're not as shy around you as they are around other people.

What does it mean if a boy is shy and nervous around you?

Well it can mean a few different things. Either he is just a shy person, he doesnt know how to talk to girls, he might be interested in you,or he knows of someone who is interested in you.

Is garu shy?

Yes he is shy and nervous to express his feelings for Pucca but other than that he is not really shy around other people.

How do you know if7th grade a boy you like likes you?

There are ways to tell. Firstly, it depends if he's shy or outgoing. If he's shy...it's harder to notice. For shy guys: When (if) he stares at you, and you catch him staring, he'll probably look away really quickly. Also, he'll be really nervous around you, and maybe even shyer than he usually is. If he's outgoing: He might be shy around you as well. Same as a shy guy, he might be fine and outgoing around everyone else (including other girls), but when he's around you, he'll be nervous. His friends might know as well, so look out for that.

What are the signs a boy is shy around you?

when he keeps on staring at you and does not talk to you and acts shy

Why does your female friend act nervous around you?

She could generally be a nervous or shy person or chances are you may make her nervous as she has feelings for you.

How do you know whether a shy boy fancies you?

If a shy boy does like you he will become even more shy around you. He will avoid you and try to act cool.

What are signs that a shy girl is interested in you?

Well, I'm shy and I'm in love with this boy that doesn't know I exist and when I'm around him I get even more shy, blush, giggle, and get nervous. So pretty much if she seems more shy than usual that's when she likes you. Or at least that's what I think.

This boy likes me how come he doesn't talk to me?

Maybe he's nervous. Or maybe he's just shy.

Why is a boy shy of you when he knows you like him and he likes you?

Because they sometimes cant believe that you like them or they just get nervous

How do you know when a boy is shy?

A boy that is shy will normally avoid being in a crowd. He will also have a hard time looking you in the eye.

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