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No! To get someone pregnant the boy's semen have to end up in her vagina.


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no, it becomes higher when the air presses down

During the second and third trimester the uterus becomes so enlarged that it presses upon other organs like the stomach.

Yes, if your husband presses your breasts tightly your breast size will increase but it will probably hurt. If he ask you if you want him to stop say no because you know that your breasts are growing larger and he may notice as well.

Your urine is exactly the same color. Early in pregnancy (before 12 weeks) you may need to pee little and often as the uterus presses on your bladder. After 12 weeks it rises out of the pelvis and you should be fine until the end when the babies head presses on your bladder again.

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Breasts do float. Of course, it depends on the size as to whether or not you'll see them float. So if there were two women sitting in a body of water without a top on, one woman with large (maybe c and above) breasts and one with smaller ones (a sized) you would see the first woman's breasts rise to the surface, but since the second woman's breasts are closer to her body, you probably wouldn't see it. Also, they float, but they won't make one's WHOLE BODY float--so don't count on the girls when it's time to float by yourself in water ;) And then lastly, you won't really see it in a swimsuit usually since the swimsuit presses your breasts to your body.

the process that presses sedimants together is called?

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== == == == The bigger the baby gets, the more it presses down on your bladder and the less space your bladder has to hold urine. That translates into a pit stop every 5!!!!!!!Yes, when you are pregnant the expanding uterus presses against the bladder, making the bladder smaller. As your pregnancy progresses, the baby will use your bladder as a punching bag or a pillow as it kicks and punches and sleeps. The added pressure of the baby against your bladder causes you to PEE more than normal as do urinary tract infections, STDs, and!!!!!!!

Dresses. Presses. Tresses.

It is a machine that presses potatoes.

No, printing presses did / do that.

Pregnant woman may need to urinate more often due to two reasons. The first is a change in hormones that can effect the bladder and the second is the extra weight of the uterus presses down on the bladder keeping it from holding as much urine as it did pre-pregnancy.

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