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is fault of car behind the second car not yours

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Who is fault is at fault when you are turning right and a car behind hits you because they are coming to fast behind you?

Assuming you have signalled in good time that you are turning right,most would agree that the fault lies with the car behind-who should have left enough distance to slow down. This happened to a friend of mine-the other driver lied and said that he did not signal,and changed lanes without warning.He was a convincing liar and won the case.So take nothing for granted-even basic facts can be dsputed.

Who is at fault if you were turning left and someone then entered the roadway and hit you?

If it was an open intersection, the driver turning left is at fault. If there is a traffic signal, stop sign or one way street involved, it could be either driver, depending on circumstances.

Im in truck 1 turning let with blinker on car comes from behind we hit i have little damage his truck pasanger front bumper totaled whose at fault?

The car that hit you from behind is at fault.

Who is at fault when a vehicle makes a left turn into a driveway and the car behind passes and hits the car turning?

The rear car would be at fault for not making a safe pass.

When turning into a parking lot and someone hits you from behind who's at fault?

The person who ran into you from behind of course because they should be stopping, or slowing down when you turn in the parking lot.

Is It my fault if I get bumped whil turning in a lane?

Need more details about the incident, such as whether or not you drifted into another lane, and whether you were bumped by someone changing lanes, someone turning behind you, someone already in the lane you were turning into, etc.

What do the orange warning lights mean in a peugeot 206?

its the engine diagnostics warning light which tell you have a fault following a audio signal and visual signal saying some kind of fault. its the engine diagnostics warning light which tell you have a fault following a audio signal and visual signal saying some kind of fault.

Who is at fault if you were traveling on a rural two lane road and a car that was passing you at high speed hit your front end while you were turning left into a driveway?

it would be the other guys fault for he would be the one who had to stopAnother view: First: any car that intends to pass another, HAS TO be travelling at a greater speed than the car they're passing.Second; Did the turning car signal their intention to turn?Third: Unless passing was prohibited on that particular stretch of road the turning car should have been alert to the possibility that they could be passed.From the bare facts disclosed in the question, it is my belief that, unless they were being passed in a No Passing Zone, the turning vehicle was at fault for turning into the path the the passing vehicle.

If you hit a car from behind are you at fault?

Generally yes you are at fault

Who is at fault if a car is turning right and the car behind is passing then the right turning car suddenly decides it is turning left and hits the passing car who is at fault?

The car with the sudden change in direction is at fault for not giving the passing car ample time to slow down. This assumes both cars were going the speed limit. It's the driver's responsibility to check the lane that they are moving into, to ensure there are no other cars (checking blind spots, mirrors, etc.)

Driver makes a right hand turn and a car pulls out into the road striking vehicle whose fault?

If the turning vehicle was struck by a vehicle entering the roadway it would be the the fault of the vehicle entering the roadway.HOWEVER, if the entering vehicle was struck by the turning vehicle, it is the fault of the turning driver.

Who is at fault when a car is hit from behind?

If you are hit from behind it is usually always the guy that hit you that is at fault unless you were in reverse backing up

What is fault code C0755 in Chevy Tahoe?

Left front tire pressure monitor fault signal.

Who is at fault when someone is making a left turn and got hit by the right turning car who made a wide right turn and took the second lane instead of the lane near the curb.This is in California?

right turning car

Who is at fault when you are making a left hand turn and someone hits you in the back of the car?

Unless there is mitigating circumstances the driver in the rear that hit the car making the turn is at fault. You must maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front in order to avoid just such an accident. Now if the driver making the turn did not give a proper signal and stopped suddenly to turn, the rear car may have a case for it partially being the driver that was turnings fault, due to no signal being given. Which direction was the car that hit you travelling? If it was behind you going in the same direction, the first answer is correct. However, if it was going in the opposite direction and hit your rear quarter panel, you were turning left with on-coming traffic - your fault. If it was traveling either direction on the road you were turning onto, it would depend on the presence of any stop or yield signs or traffic signals.

Who is at fault if something falls out of a vehicle and it is hit by the driver behind causing damage?

the driver behind is not at fault as the in front should be liable as he was negligent

Who is at fault if a car turning left has a broken invisible turn signal and is rear-ended by the car behind?

While all vehicles are required to have functioning turn signals and all drivers are required to properly signal their turns, all drivers are also responsible for hitting objects that are in the middle of the road. If you ran into the vehcle in front of you that was either going slower than you or stopped, you're at fault, whether he was turning or not. Don't weasle out of it, just pay for the damages and consider it a lesson learned and drive more carefully next time. I ALWAYS ANSWER THIS QUESTION AS A BROKER: THE PERSON DRIVING BEHIND IS AT FAULT, REGARDLESS OF THE BLINKER SITUATION! A DRIVER FOLLOWING A VEHICLE MUST ALWAYS KEEP A REASONABLE AND SAFE DISTANCE BEHIND OTHER DRIVERS AT ALL TIMES, (eg. 3 CAR LENGTHS OR IN BAD WEATHER 5-6 CAR LENGTHS) TRULY IT IS SOMEWHAT UNFAIR IF THE PERSON IN FRONT DID NOT HAVE WORKING BLINKERS, BUT THAT DOES NOT SPECIFY FAULT. THEY COULD BE TICKETED IF PROVEN THOUGH, THAT THE CAR WAS UNSAFE AT THE TIME OF ACCIDENT. (BLINKERS)

Who is at fault if you are rear ended in Kentucky?

Obviously the person driving behind you would be at fault.

In icy conditions slowing to turn spun 90 degrees to the right and a truck following too close slammed into the passenger side of her car who is at fault?

If the truck was directly behind the first vehicle (same lane) they would get the majority at fault. If they were in another lane and wouldn't have had to stop normally for the turning car it is harder to determine. The driver of the turning car would likely be found partially at fault for failing to maintain control of their vehicle.

Who is at fault if a person turning right out of a parking lot from the left turning lane hits a car coming up on the right side?

The person turning right is at fault - although sometimes parking lot accidents are automatically deemed a 50/50 fault. Witnesses are useful as well as surveillance to prove your case.

Who is at fault when your car is hit from behind at a railroad crossing?

The car that hit you from behind.

Who is at fault if driver A has a left turn arrow and turns left onto a three lane road into the far right lane and driver B is turning right onto the same road from the opposite direction?

If you're proceeding (A) with a left arrow, you can be pretty sure the traffic signal is holding all conflicting traffic with a red signal. Otherwise the signal is defective. That said, the other driver (B) is likely at fault for failing to properly yield after stopping for a red light.

Who is at fault when you signal to do a u-turn then the car behind you hits you from the side?

The driver of the car behind you is at fault. You may face separate legal issues if you were attempting to make an illegal u-turn, however even if the u-turn was illegal the driver in the other car had the last clear chance to avoid you and should have been in better control of their vehicle.

If a car pulls out of a turning in front of you and you hit him when he is stationary who is at fault?

If he was truly stationary and you hit him, you are probably at fault. If he was illegally going through the turn, he might be at fault.

Is there a fault of engineer behind the sunk of titanic?

Titanic's sinking was not the fault of the engineers. It was not the fault of the Captain, nor the lookouts nor the crew.