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the lienholder can repo at anytime as long as there is NO breach of peace.

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Q: If a car was purchased in Louisiana and now it is in Texas what are the lien holders rights to repo the vehicle?
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Yes, they do have rights in a corporation.

Does the Louisiana constitution have a Bill of Rights?

yea the 1st ten amendments of the constitution of Louisiana is the bill of rights.

What rights does a co buyer have to a vehicle?

The co-buyer of a vehicle has equal rights to the vehicle if there name is on the title. The co-buyers rights can be defined by a written or verbal contract.

Does the primary have more legal rights to the vehicle than the Co signer?

Whoever is named on the Certificate of Title has rights in the vehicle.Whoever is named on the Certificate of Title has rights in the vehicle.Whoever is named on the Certificate of Title has rights in the vehicle.Whoever is named on the Certificate of Title has rights in the vehicle.

What are the lien holder's rights for repossessing a vehicle?

What are the rights of a lienholder on a car title when it comes to repossion of a vehicle?

What did The Louisiana Purchase not consider the rights of?

The Indians

How long does it take for parental rights to be terminated in Louisiana?

There is no specific time after which parental rights are terminated in Louisiana. Often judges make the determination if the situation demands it.

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No you get a chance in a lottery for the tickets

How many bill of rights does the Louisiana Constitution have?


If a partner is in prison can you freese his bank account if you are not a joint account holders?

If you are not joint account holders, you are not considered an owner of the account. Therefore, you have no rights whatsoever regarding the account.

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What are the lien holders rights?

A lien gives you the right to hold the property of another as security for the carrying out of an obligation.

Has any other legislation been passed in the past or recently that advocates for the rights of credit card holders?


What is Georgia law for returning a newly purchased vehicle?

About 10 years ago in the state of Georgia, a purchaser would have 3 days to return the vehicle he/she just purchased. The laws have changed since then, once you pay for the vehicle (cash, finance, lease, collateral swap, etc.) and take delivery (driving the car off the lot or having the car delivered to you) of the vehicle, you have forfeited your rights to return the vehicle. If you are uncertain of what your purchase intentions are, then just make sure you do not accomplish both acts (purchase and delivery). Laws may vary from state to state. Hope this helps.

Does a lien holder have rights to your property in your vehicle?

no they do not

Who has legal rights over a repossessioned vehicle?

the bank or lien holder will have more rights

What is a part of the copyrights laws that define the limitations on exclusive rights of copyright holders?

In the US, sections 107-122 define limitations on the exclusive rights of section 106.

What rights do you have if you bought a car as is?

The term "as is" refers to the fact that the item is purchased "with all faults" and that no representations are made by the seller as to condition or functionality. It is necessary that the prospective buyer conduct his/her own inspection of the vehicle prior to purchasing it. Ordinarily, there will be no responsibility by the seller for any defects or malfunctions of the vehicle after purchase.

When did France surrender Louisiana to the US?

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You purchased a vehicle 3 weeks ago that you have learned needs a transmission do you have any rights as used car buyers to hold company resposible for cost of repairs?

If the car was sold "as-is" or without a warranty, then you can't do anything about it, unfortunatley.

Do you have any ownership rights if you are not on the title?

Only if you are the spouse of the person listed on the title. Otherwise you have no rights to this vehicle.

Can previous owners of a vehicle take car back?

Not usually, once you are the owner of a vehicle and the previous owners name is not on the title, they will usually have rights to that vehicle.

What are the rights of an external auditor?

first thing is to check that cash in hand and balance in the profit and loss account are the same or to check that any malpractice is done by anyone and also to protect the interest of the share holders and the divident holders of the company

What are your rights to property in your vehicle once it is repossessed in NJ?

You rights are to GET IT BACK, PP is not subject to the security interest on the car.

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