If a cell contains all the genetic material it needs to synthesize protein why must the DNA also replicate?


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The DNA only needs to replicate if the cell is going to divide. In a dividing cell the DNA must replicate in order to provide a complete copy of the genome to each new cell.

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DNA located in the nucleoid region of a prokaryotic cell contains the genetic information needed for the cell to replicate.

the material that is in the nucleus of the cell and contains the genetic material

The nucleus is the organelle that contains the genetic material of a cell.

Duplication of genetic material occurs during interphase in the cell cycle.

The Nucleus contains DNA, the genetic material you speak of

The special molecule that contains genetic material is called a chromosome.

Chromosomes contain genetic material for reproduction.

the cel l nucleus contains genetic material known asDNA

Genetic element/material that can insert into chromosomes or replicate as circular plasmid.

The nucleus is what contains the genetic material of a cell.

The Nucleus contains the genetic material and DNA. :)

DNA is the genetic material. It is in chromosomes in nucleus.

The structure of the cell that contains a majority of the genetic material is the nucleus. Both animal and plant cells contain genetic material, known as DNA.

The nucleus contains the genetic material of a cell and contains instructions for the cell's activities.

The nucleus contains the cell's genetic material.

Both egg and sperm contain genetic material.

Nucleus contains the cell's genetic material and controls the cell's activity?

Mitochondria and chloroplasts contain genetic material and can replicate

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