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At 18, you are considered a legal adult and emancipated from your parents. you are free to do as you like. no your an adult they can't say a word your eighteen

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Q: If a child is 18 and wants to move out of the house due to abuse do the parents have any say about this?
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How old does a child have to be to say if she wants to go over the non custodial parents house?

I believe the age is 13

In the book The Outsiders what are Jonny's feelings?

Johnny's feelings are that he wants to get out of his parents house, because of how much they abuse him. And he wants to protect Ponyboy so they run away to windrixville to protect each other!!

Which celebrity wants to stop child abuse?


What is the legal age for a child to decide who he wants to live with in tn?

The Legal age is 16 if you want to move out your parents house ...

How old does a child need to be to decide where child wants to live Or when to say when they want to go to ones parents house when it is there time there?

probably about 20 years of age

Why do parents send their children to do child labor?

Parents wants money for their family

Is it child abuse if a parent said his child could choose what ever he wants and the parent does not let him go to the school he wants to go to?

Depends if the parent has said that the child can choose what he wants, if the parent has then it is recommended that the child is given the choice of the school that they get to go to

Where is a child taken after child abuse?

A child that has been effected by child abuse would either put in a orphanage to wait for an adopter or would be put into a foster home. most foster homes are temporally until the next family wants them

Can parents do something if a child wants to move out?

Yes they can if the child is under 18 because he/she is a minor.

If a child is seventeen years old and quits school and she wants to move her of age boyfriend in are the parents still responsible for the child?

if she lives with her parents

Can a child of 16 years old decide which parent he wants to live with?

yes yu can. as long as both of your parents are financially stable to support you.(unless you have a job). and also if theyre background checks come back free of child abuse, and ect. . .

Is it child abuse if you are a lesbian and your parents won't let you be who you want and try to force their religious beliefs on you?

No, it's a parent wishing the best for their child, and hoping that it's just a "phase". While they will probably not get what they want (hetero child), what they're trying to accomplish certainly isn't child abuse, even though there will be plenty who would want to claim otherwise. Is it child abuse to send your child to school in hopes that they won't turn out to be an ignorant dependant of the welfare system? After all, school is tough and not all kids enjoy it. Is it child abuse to send your child to a shrink for depression or other mental problems? After all, psychotherapy can be emotionally painful and makes people face issues that they don't necessarily want to address. Everyone wants to claim that what happened to them was "child abuse". If we're all victims of child abuse, then at some point we have to acknowledge that it's a normal condition and there isn't anything we can do about it, and it minimizes REAL child abuse. Get over it, your parents just want the best for you even though you obviously don't agree.

Is punching your child in the face teaching them a lesson?

punching your child in the face is abuse that not teaching them a lesson no matter what you do they gonna do the same thing all that's doing is messing up your child face and then your child face to walk around with bruse on their face and that's not right at all no child wants to be hit in their face and not by their the hope more from their parents and that show have less repect for their children that shows that u have no love foryour child if your gonna beat you child don't have any kids that don't mean because u older n u the mother don't hit your child some kids hit their parets back because they don't want to be abuse parents should be abuse

What is DNA used to make?

DNA tests are done to find out the parents of a child. so if a child wants to know who their parents are then a test could be done.

Why is the gang importnant to johny outsiders?

Its the only family he has because his real parents abuse him and all he wants is for his parents to care about him. But i dont see that coming.

How old do you have to be to choose which house you live at if your parents are divorced in Tennessee?

The truth is that a child has no legal right to choose which parent he or she wants to live with. They are legally minors dependent upon their parents. The truth is it will vary from case to case.

Whose name does the child take if parents never married?

The mother can give the child any name she wants.

In Illinois if a Father signed his parental rights over but now as the child is older he wants to see her again regularly. Does he have any rights at this point?

I think that the father does to a certain extent,nothing legal but at his house he makes all of the rules. because i know someone with this same issue, i think that if the child wants to see his or her father they should be allowed to when ever they want. And i think that when the child is with their father the father should make the rules for that house and even though he might not have any rights i say that it's his house so it should be his rules no matter if he has rights or not. And that if the child wants to do something, like go to town and hang out with some friends then they should be able to, the legal parents should not have to be contacted..the only reason why the legal parents should be contacted is if the child is asking for something that they normally don't ever get to do not even while with the legal parents. The father would still not have any legal rights but when the child goes to visit him it would be like going to a friends house and the legal parents say that whatever you do is up to the friends parents...its no different except that the legal parents might get scarred that the child might want to move out of their house and move back in with their dad.

What do parents have to do when a child wants to drop out of school?

Parents have to persuade the child that school is a great place to learn and relax. They go more easy on their child and try to soothe her/him that school is a proper and healthy enviorment for a child to grow.

Age child can decide where he wants to live?

When he is 18. Until then the parents or court decides.

Is it ok to suck your sons penis?

That is child sexual abuse and is illegal.

If a seventeen-year-old in Washington wants to move in with a relative because of emotional abuse at home but her parents say no what options does she have?

File for emancipation. Call the county court house and have them direct you to the correct department.

Your girlfriend is 16 and wants to move out of her parents house to your parents house can she do so without police getting involved you are in South Africa?

Well, I don't see why not!

Can a 16-year-old move where he wants if he's kicked out by both parents?

No. Parents cannot "kick" a minor child out of the house without making arrangements for the minor to have a suitable and safe living environment. The abandonment of a minor by his or her parents does not confer emancipation rights upon the underage person. The minor should enlist the aid of another adult to assist them in contacting the state's division of child protective services, or call the National Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline, toll free at 1-800-422-4453 or 1-800-252-2873.

What penalties does a parent face if they allow or enable their minor child to get a tattoo?

If a minor child wants a tattoo and the parents agree then there are no penalties.