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Q: If a child or children run away from dyfs what will happen?
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What is dyphus?

Perhaps you are referring to DYFS? DYFS, or the Division of Youth and Family Services, is, according to their website (, "New Jersey's child protection and child welfare agency within the Department of Children and Families. Its mission is to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children and to support families.DYFS is responsible for investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect and, if necessary, arranging for the child's protection and the family's treatment."

How can a non-relative obtain temporary custody or the authority to make educational and medical decisions for a child?

How can the God Mother of a child obtain custody if the grandmother wants the child but she has and DYFS case and knew where the child was but did not insist upon getting the child after Dyfs has help get the child the things she need?

Is DYFS a national service?

No, DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) is a state service. Not all states use this name. Many states use another name for the state agency that is asked to deal with child abuse and neglect, and possibly other issues regarding children. CPS (Child Protective Services) is one name that a number of states use. In New Jersey, the state has recently (early 2012) changed the name of DYFS to DCPP (Division of Child Protection and Permanency). Both the old agency and the new agency were / are part of New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

What happens when a person who's children have been removed from their custody and placed into kinship guardianship has another child that was not involved in the initial DYFS investigation?

If a danger still exist, than that child can also be removed, upon birth.

How can you fight dyfs in New Jersey?

You can fight DYFS in NJ by hiring Mr. Jeffrey Advocat of Morristown Nj. He is a lawyer who fights for those victimized by DYFS............... He also wins his cases............. making those responsible for ripping apart families answer for their actions........... then pay for them. He is dedicated to fighting for the parents and children victimized by DYFS.

What do you call a person whose occupation is to protect children from abuse?

DYFS in the US.

DYFS has a lot of fl?

DYFS has a lot of flexibility in these decisions, and once a child has been removed, it can be very difficult to reverse such removal. The only way to reverse the removal of a child will be to file a petition to the appropriate court and successfully convince the court that whatever problematic circumstances which constituted the basis for the removal of the child - have ceased and that they will not resurface. DYFS CAN demand that parental rights be transferred, but such demand will not be made of you, rather, the demand will be made of the court. If DYFS in fact makes such a demand, it means that there is enough evidence pointing in the direction of child removal for the good of the child, and it is hard for parents to convince a court otherwise (though, it's possible). Please understand that these cases involving the Division of Youth and Family Services and its removal of children due to extreme circumstances, are very fact-intensive. meaning, there needs to be a lot of social work & legal work fact gathering on both sides (DYFS; the parents) in order for such a case to appear before the court. Based on the facts in your question, it is virtually impossible to tell what a judge would ultimately rule. There are attorneys in this field who could spend a long time studying all the circumstances surrounding the removal of the child, the home "climate", the family background, etc., etc., before opining on the chances of success of a petition against DYFS' decision.

What happens to child support when a child is removed by dyfs?

When the State assumes guardianship of a child, both parents become liable for child support, payable to the State as reimbursement.

If the Division of youth and family services in NJ has legal and physical custody of a child can the parents sign the children over to someone else?

Yes, you must give DyFS names and numbers of those who would care foryour child. Otherwise, when the kknock on your door...take the next bus. LEAVE

At what age can a child stay home alone overnight in NJ?

A child has to be 18 to be left home alone in NJ. We have a friend whose parents went away for a week. My brother was staying with them (he was 1 month away from being 18). The school found out, reported them, and DYFS came in and took all the kids out. The parents were forced to leave their vacation early. Absolutely ridiculous situation, but 18 is law in NJ for overnight.

What is DYFS?

The Division of Youth and Family Services. They are in the Department of Children and Families. They are in charge of the care of children who may be out of the home (in group homes, residential facilities), alternative schooling (remedial schools, handicapped schools), and giving services to needy families.

If a father has ordered supervised visitation per DYFS but the kids do not want to see him can they go before judge in New Jersey?

it all depends on how old the children are is there any specif reason why they dont? if you have a lawyer contact him and if not contact dept. of children services

How old must you be to stay home alone in NJ?

if you listen to the police it is 12 but dyfs will tell you 14, children at the age of 12 can take a babysitting class that will prepare them for all kind of emergancies

Best state to live in with children?

lets go with this not NJ and not pa they have a dyfs team that comes after you and your kids for no reason, so i would go with a small town in say one of the southern states

What does a dyfs worker do?

A DYFS worker comes into your house. When they have entered your house, they are required to check rooms, bathrooms, and see what's going on. When someone else makes a call they come straight to your house without permission!

How do you report a social worker abuse?

Call your local DYFS office.

Can a school contact DYFS if a child's finger nails are cut to short?

If a child's grooming has caused undue pain or disfigurement, a school can and would report it to the local Child Protective Authorities. Teachers and Principals are one type of "Mandatory Reporters" in the USA. NOTE: Always contact an attorney in your local area to confirm the Laws in your State and jurisdiction and to obtain legal advice.

What is the safe waiting period to resmue breastfeeding after taking cocaine?

I applaud the concern you have for your child. Not many mothers take the time or initiative to research issues affecting their child's health. The most accurate answer to your question can only come from the Division of Youth and Family Services (Dyfs)in your area. Please make sure you see one of their support staff officers in person. I'm sure they will take care of you, and especially your child.

What can aunts and grandparents do if they are aware of physical and mental abuse but the abuser is such a good liar that she has DYFS and police fooled?

Begin documenting every suspected incident with the date, place, and details, such as physical signs (multiple bruises, burns, etc.), emotional changes such as a child who is usually active being subdued and fearful or vice-versa a child who is generally calm or quiet suddenly becoming aggressive and argumentative. Take note of what the child/children might say about being punished or "worrying about making mommy mad" that sort of thing. DO NOT question the child or make suggestions as to what may be happening in their home. It is highly unusual for DFS case workers, teachers or police officers to be "fooled", but not impossible. The ages of the child and their past behavior are also taken into consideration when cases are being investigated; therefore child abuse or neglect is easier to spot in children of school age. Be advised teachers cannot share such information or suspicions except with authorities. Especially important is any information that may be available of the child or children receiving emergency medical care. These records would not be available to unauthorized persons, but if a family member knew of a child being taken to an emergency room, it is one more incident that would need to be investigated and explained. Extreme caution should always be used to assure that the child/children are not placed in further jeopardy by those who are trying to help.

Are caseworkers in New Jerseys division of youth and family services - known as dyfs - given some financial or other incentive for reunifying families?


Do you need a degree in social work to work for Dyfs?

It depends what state you are in. When I lived in California, they required a Master's in Socisl Work to work for Child Protective Services, but in both Oklahoma and Texas I worked for them with just a Bachelor's degree in Sociology (and it could have been any major really). I would check with the department where you live to find their specific requirements.

What do you do if your uncle is sexually and physically abusing you?

You should call DYFS and explain what is happening to you, they will make sure your uncle never goes near you again and will never be able to harm you again.

Im 17 and have a one month old sonmy mother and you have always had problems dyfs Id like to move out with my son and his father who is 19 I wanted to know if I could do this legally?

You'll need your mother's permission.

What charges can you file against a family member who wrongfully repeatedly calls dyfs on you?

If the agency repeatedly unfounds their complaints after investigating, speak with the agency supervisors and determine if they will pursue a complaint of malicious lcomplaints against the accuser.

Will suboxone show up on dyfs drug test?

i don't think it would because it's a separate test to test for suboxone, even if they do test for it i don't think they could claim you're unfit based just on the fact that you're taking suboxone (as long as you have a script for it.) addiction is a disability, and you're taking medication to treat your disease. but since dyfs has some really screwed up people, if you can, don't take it for a few days (as long as you can really) before the test just to be safe. i would rather it not show up at all if it were me. good luck. seriously. i remember how those c*nts can be.