If a condom busts and you sperm i a girl is she pregnant?


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If it's ON the condom instead of IN the condom that means it's inside the girl and the sperms can start swimming, so yes.

Yes. That is precisely how a girl gets pregnant. Use a condom.

Yes, condom rips can let the sperm into the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus where sperm can meet the egg. You should use a condom along with spermicide.

Yes, if a condom breakes and the sperm gets out into the vagina, you can get pregnant. You can also get pregnant if there's sperm on a finger, and it goes up your vagina.

No, you cannot become pregnant from this as the sperm would no longer be viable.

Yes. If the holes in the condom allowed sperm cells into the vagina, then pregnancy is a possibility.

is she when puts the penis in her vagina she will almost definitley be pregnant

sperm doesnt expire it just helps if you use a condom so that when you decide to have sex you dont have the sperm inside you trying to fertilize your eggs .

Anything can be possible unless it is fully contained.

Yes, if any sperm got in her vagina you might have a baby on the way!

If you reach climax and sperm gets into the girl, there is a chance of pregnancy.

There's always a possiblity but the spermicide condoms are supposed to kill the sperm on contact.

No, a girl cant get pregnant from sperm on thigh........

Pre-sperm ( the stuff on your penis to keep it greasy) also contains sperm. So your answer is yes.

You would want to have the condom on because a girl can get pregnant even of there is no proper ejaculation, and even after one has occurred and despite washing. This is because some fluid containing sperm cells will often be produced during intercourse and can make a female pregnant.

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

No, unless the condom breaks, then yes.

Sperm cells can get a girl pregnant. There is no such thing as a 'blank' sperm cell.

Well to get pregnant you have to have sex with out s condom

99percent!! you can still get her pregnant because you can ejaculate some sperm in her before you pull out. boys have over 1000 eggs in them and it only takes one to come out to get a girl pregnant

No, a girl can not get pregnant without the presence of sperm.

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