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the only thing that will last is true commitment as well as sacrifice, and the honeymoon phase will last as long as you want it to

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Q: If a couple can't keep their hands off each other and are very attracted and want to get married does it guarantee a long marriage and how long does the honeymoon phase really last?
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What does it mean when you get married on a blue moon?

Good luck will come to you both and you will have a happy marriage and honeymoon.

What is the traditional trip taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage?

After a young couple get married it is their 'wedding night' and man and wife and then holiday they go on after they are married is called a 'honeymoon.'

If you want to get married abroad should you get married in the US first or just go abroad for the honeymoon?

I would do the latter, because different countries have different laws on marriage.

Who is Johnnie Dee of honeymoon suite married to?

Not married!

Im married and im attracted to my husbands friend?

Don't do it, cheating and being unfaithful is wrong as marriage is sacred.

Is it possible for a woman to become lesbian after a marriage to men?

Technically, you don't 'become' lesbian. You can be bisexual and have married a man and have been attracted to them, but also have feelings for women. Or they could have lied while they were married and just pretended to be attracted to men. Or they could not have realised that they had the capability to be attracted to men, and only realised it after being married.

Can you get married on your honeymoon?

No. You can if you are a polygamist I suppose, but it isn't very considerate. == You might wish to do that. Are you getting married to the person you are going on honeymoon with or someone other than the individual you are going on honeymoon with? Are you already married and going on honeymoon, and then marrying someone else while on honeymoon? It appears that some different ways exist to interpret the question. Back to the first part of the answer, yes you can. It might be a question of logistics or practicality. But it is an issue of personal choice. If you and your intended are going to get married, but you want to do it while on honeymoon, it's your choice. *Special note: If this is what you want, it would be wise to insure you can actually do that in the place and at the time you are on honeymoon. And be sure to check whether the marriage will be recognized where you intend to live or are living. Do you still want to be married when you come back home? Just a thought there.

Why do marriage go on honey moon?

why do married peole go on a honeymoon well because it is a special time and it is a tradition after you get married you and your wife gets to be alone have some time without people bothering you

What is done on honey moon?

This is only suggestion, but I would be most surprised if a couple who were married in this day and age had not had sex prior to their honeymoon. A honeymoon is for the purpose of the newly married couple to seal their marriage by the act of procreation i.e. having sexual intercourse so that they might start a family.

What do people do after getting married?

Go on a honeymoon

Married then went home?

You can have your honeymoon at home.

What is honeymoon mean?

Honeymoon means the time after two people get married where they go somewhere special to have sex.

Can you have your honeymoon at Walt Disney World?

Absolutely! Many people get married and honeymoon at Walt Disney World!

What happens when you are getting married in Christianity?

you go on your honeymoon

Where will Taylor Lautner go on his honeymoon?

He's not married.

Can you get married on block island?

Yes, and you can honeymoon there, too!

What can a married couple do during a honeymoon?

Anything they want!

Is it cheating when your husband meets with a married woman to talk about his marriage and find out later she is attracted to him?

that just means that the lady is cheating on her husband to be with your husband

How old do you have to be to get married in Canada?

In canada, you must be 15 to be officially married! Happy Honeymoon!

Will Rosalie and emmet get married?

thay are married. that why in new moon it says their on their second honeymoon.

On which planet did Mork and Mindy get married?

They got married on Earth, and spent their honeymoon on Ork.

What are the release dates for I Married Joan - 1952 Honeymoon 1-37?

I Married Joan - 1952 Honeymoon 1-37 was released on: USA: 24 June 1953

Is Robert Patterson married?

The correct answer is yes, he and Kristen are married and currently (as of Nov. 20, 2010) are on their Honeymoon in Brazil. The couple are happy they can finally speak openly about the marriage and are thrilled to be together again after having to be apart for filming schedules.

If you get married on a fiance visa can you leave the country after you get married for a honeymoon?

You need passports to leave the country.

Is Kristen and Robert Pattinson married?

Yes. They got married on November 19,2010 and had their honeymoon in Rio