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A fly could have secretly entered the body through the nose or some other body orifice before the casket was sealed.

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Q: If a dead body is in the casket where would the maggots come from if no flies are in the casket to lay any eggs?
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Do maggots eat a body when in a casket?

if the casket is sealed where they cant get in then no but they can if the casket is not sealed good

How do maggots get into a dead body where there are no flies?

If there are no flies then there will be no maggots. No flies, no eggs, no maggots.

Does a sterile dead body in a concealed room produce maggotts?

Maggots are produced by flies, not by dead bodies. Whether maggots would appear will depend on whether flies land on the body. If the room is merely concealed (i.e. hidden) there's nothing to stop flies getting in. If you mean a sealed, airtight room then maggots would not appear.

Do maggots eat dead bodies?

Maggot is a general term for the larval form of an insect. They appear 2-5 days after an adult insect lays its eggs. In the case of a deceased animal, flies are usually the source of maggots. The flies lay their eggs after being drawn to the smell of rotting flesh. The eggs hatch into maggots and they get their nutrients from eating the body. This also aids in decomposition. Actually there is a field of forensics called forensic entymology or solving crimes by observing the insects/larva on a body. Each insect has a specific life cycle and the time it takes for the larva to hatch can be diagnostic.

When humans die where do the worms that eat them come from?

What eats human corpses are not worms, but maggots. Maggots are the offspring of flies. Dead things tend to attract flies (the stench of rotting flesh may be disgusting to us, but lovely to flies), and those flies come and eat the flesh as well as lay eggs on the decaying body. Once the eggs hatch, you get maggots, which also consume the flesh/bodily fluids of the body.

What are the first bugs on a dead body?

The first bugs on a dead body are flies and beetles. Maggots and beetle larvae are also found on a dead body.

What do entomologists do at a crime scene?

There may be any number of uses for an entomologist at a crime scene. But most typically, their expertise is used to help determine how long a body has been deceased, and how long it has been at the scene. For example, by examining the degree to which flies have been reproducing on/in the corpse, they can determine how long the body has been dead. If there are no live maggots present, then the flies have not had much time to lay eggs and hatch them, and therefore the body cannot have been dead for very long. Or, let's say you find a body in the woods that is badly decomposed, but, there are NO maggots on it. Clearly, the body cannot have been recently deceased, because it is so obviously badly decomposed. The absence of maggots would thus indicate that the body had been wrapped up and stored somewhere where flies could not land on it -- maybe wrapped in plastic garbage bags and stuffed into an old, broken refrigerator -- and then moved and dumped in the woods later. The absence of the flies/maggots would also tell you that whoever moved the body and dumped it could not have done so very long ago. Since the body has no maggots on it, it must have been dumped only a couple of hours before it was discovered. Or, there may be signs that a particular insect has been feasting on the body. Say you find evidence that sand flies have been eating a body. Sand flies are found only on the beach. But the body was found in the mountains. Thus, the presence of sand flies would be a sign that the body had been killed on the beach, left there for several hours, and then moved to the mountains later and dumped there.

How would a person feel if they had 1000 maggots in their body?

vary skared

Are you born with maggots in your body?

We are born with parasites, not maggots.

Do flies eat guinea pigs?

Only if they are dead. Then their main goal would be to place eggs in the body of the guinea pig. The eggs turn into maggots, that then eat the guinea pig.

What are maggots and how it gets on dead human body in case of murder or so what is its size and how much time it takes to grow?

Flies lay their eggs on rotting flesh. The eggs hatch into small maggots. The maggots feed on the 'bad' flesh, and eventually hatch into flies (completing the life cycle). Because of the way maggots concentrate on rotten flesh, they are sometimes used to clear out infections. In fact there is at least one hospital supplying special flies & maggots that are clinically sterile, so they can be used to treat wounds

Where on a dead body would you expect to find maggots?

Their mouth because of suliva left in it.