If a dentist recommends that you remove your second molar tooth instead of your wisdom tooth is that a bad choice if the second molar is in very bad condition?

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I'd follow the advice of the dentist, since the wisdom tooth can move forward after the second molar is removed.
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If a second molar tooth has been pulled can it be possible that it will be filled with a new wisdom tooth that is slowly coming in and will it slowly fill the gap?

I had my molar pulled 10 - 15 years ago and my wisdom tooth did come down and fill in the space. It is slightly slanted but I have never had any problems with it. . Answer . It is possible for a wisdom tooth to eventually erupt into the space but they will generally come in at a slant and creat ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to get braces on a wisdom tooth and a second molar only to close a space where a first molar was removed?

Answer . I'm a bit surprised at your question. I can't believe any orthodontist would put braces on a wisdom tooth. Unless you're asking because you want to have this done. \n. \nSecondly, closing the space that a lost tooth has caused is asking a lot. Having a tooth removed will most likely ( Full Answer )

Can a bad tooth or impacted wisdom tooth cause pressure in the ear and the side of the head?

Answer . What a dumb answer... Answer . It is definitely possible. Talk to a dentist to have the situation evaluated.. Answer . I have had my wisdom teeth removed because i had a nerve that was being pinched from what is called T M J this is extremly painful and can cause alot of pain in yo ( Full Answer )

How common is an infection of a neighboring molar after impacted wisdom tooth extraction?

Answer . \n. \nThere are a number of potential causes of dental infection. Sometimes an impacted wisdom tooth can compromise the back root of the second molar. This would typically only be diagnosed after the wisdom tooth was extracted.\n. \nThe infected molar may not be related to the extrac ( Full Answer )

Is it wise to replace the 2nd molar with a wisdom tooth if you have crowding in your front teeth?

Answer . \nYour question is best answered by a qualified orthodontist (dentist who specializes in straightening teeth). It would not be unreasonable to seek the opinions of several orthodontists. Moving a third molar into a second molar position has been done, but the only way to determine if ( Full Answer )

What removes the pain from a bad decaying tooth?

Answer . antibiotics. Answer . The above is true. When you have decay in a tooth and you let it go too long it begins to affect the nerve and air also can get in through the cavity and that's what causes the pain. Depending on how bad the tooth is your dentist MAY put you on antibiotics, but ( Full Answer )

Your molar tooth has an abscess and it should be extracted because on that side your wisdom tooth is pushing beside the abscessed tooth Is an implant or bridge better?

Answer . You can only put a bridge on if there is a tooth on each side to support it. Therefore, a bridge cannot replace a wisdom tooth, because it's the last one on the dental arch.. If you keep your wisdom tooth and you need to extract the molar right before, then you can replace that molar wi ( Full Answer )

If the wisdom tooth is really bad and the dentists recommending extracting it do you have to go along with this?

Answer . No you don't but you will want to. Some individuals do not have to have theirs removed but most do as they become impacted, decayed etc. If he is recommending it be done and you don't do it it can cause more than just a sore mouth problems for you - a bad tooth that disperses toxins or p ( Full Answer )

Why is wisdom tooth bad?

Wisdom teeth are not necessarily bad. They do, however, frequently cause crowding in the mouth, forcing the molars forward resulting in crooked teeth. They can also become impacted or fail to fully erupt (emerge through the gums), causing discomfort and potential for decay or gum disease. Dentists o ( Full Answer )

Molar tooth and sinus pain and pressure?

If the tooth is an upper molar, more than likely it is a sinus infection, not a bad tooth. The roots of the upper teeth often sit right in the floor of the sinus, and when the sinus becomes congested, it can exert pressure on the nerve that goes into the tooth. This can feel like a toothache. See ( Full Answer )

When can a wisdom tooth be removed?

Wisdom teeth usually begin to surface during young adulthood,between ages 18 and 22. Oftentimes, dentists will tell patientswith surfacing wisdom teeth that they need to be removed, sincewisdom teeth can crowd existing teeth by forcing them to scrunchtogether.

Must you have your wisdom tooth removed?

Normally, there is not enough room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in. If you've lost some back teeth for one reason or another, the wisdon tooth can come in with no problem.

When do children get there first molars and second molars?

The first molars that children get are called "pre-molars" and they come through at around 24 months of age. They are baby teeth and will eventually fall out to be replaced by adult teeth. The first 'adult' molars come through at around 6years of age, the next lot at about 12yrs & the last lot (if t ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of second molar extraction?

These are my costs for extraction of 2nd molar from a top rated oral Surgeon. $98.00 Panoraminc X-ray $313.00 Surgical Extraction #18 $325.00 Bone replacement graft for ridge preservation ( optional) $50.00 Analgesia (N20-02) Nitrous Oxide ( laughing gas) $79.00 Consultation Total fee ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a gold molar tooth?

I don't know what the actual gold is worth, but I recently had one made and fitted and the whole procedure cost a pricey AUS $1350.

How long after a molar tooth extraction can you swim?

You should wait at least 4 or 5 days after a molar tooth extractionbefore you go swimming. This activity can get your blood pumpingfast and dislodge the clot giving you dry socket.

What is the cost of getting a molar tooth pulled?

I recently had a molar removed (bad root canal). . X rays $99.00 . evaluation 67.00 . removal 239.00 . tool tray 45.00 . _________ . $576.00 . Oral Surgeon in Indiana . gas if needed is $67.00

How can you get a bad odor off of your molar?

A full dental hygiene routine - brushing your teeth, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash - at least a couple times per day. A bad odor from a tooth may be an indication of some sort of infection, in which an anti-biotic is necessary for both the infection and the resulting bad odor to clear away.

Can a loose molar tooth be saved?

I don't think so, but ask your dentist. My dentist insisted on pulling one of my molars, because he said , correctly, that he could move it with his finger and it would only cause me trouble, if left in.

What does the molar tooth do?

It crushes and grinds food to smaller pieces so the surface area of the food increases therefore enzymes work better to digest the food.

Will your loose molar tooth fall out?

The front molar teeth fall out but the very back ones keep growing and if you loose the very back ones then you will never get them back. You will need False Teeth.

What if you don't get your wisdom tooth removed?

Well my bottom 4 front teeth are cramming together because my wisdom teeth are coming in. They were fine before then but also I have heard it that they will mess your jaw up. probably after the pressure of your other teeth forcing it to stay back by the jaw bone. I'm really not sure though. Sounds l ( Full Answer )

Can you remove the 12 year molar instead of the wisdom tooth?

Yes! The orthodontist I saw growing up would pull 12 year molars, leaving room for wisdom teeth to grow. I had my 12 yr molars pulled when I was a tween and my wisdom teeth came in around my early 20s. I have never had a problem with them. Not sure why all dentists don't practice this - my only thou ( Full Answer )

What are the problems after wisdom tooth removal?

There should not be any problems at all, if you have some discomfort, rinse well with some salt water, and take a couple of Tylenol you will be fine in a couple of days, if you still experience pain, call your dentist and tell him about it.

Does bad breath happen after wisdom tooth removal?

No, this is not true. The cause of bad breath is an unclean mouth. One should always clean his teeth after taking food. The bits of food that remain hidden between teeth are the major cause of bad breath. Tooth cavities are a also a reason for bad breath. So , remember to brush your teeth twice a d ( Full Answer )

Large bump in my gum between the second last molar and the tooth before it. It is painful when I push on it. I have had my wisdom teeth pulled out. Does anyone know what it is?

Depending on the circumstances for the wisdom teeth (reason for removal, location of the teeth prior to extraction, age of the patient when removed) could mean different things for the concern you are having. Recent extraction could sometimes have "bone spurs" working their way out almost causing a ( Full Answer )

What happens when you loose a baby molar tooth?

You wait awhile, and you get another one in its place usually. At one time you would also get a quarter under your pillow if youput the tooth there and didn't try to wake up in the night to catchthe tooth fairy. Now, I believe you get a toonie if you areCanadian...I'm not sure what an American kid ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of removing a wisdom tooth?

I had my wisdom teath removed to help with the pain in my ears .(not that it helped) the aria around my mouth was a little swolen and my mouth felt dead but the next day it was better. All you have to do is eat alot of ice cream!! :-)\n

Do you have to remove your growing wisdom tooth?

It is not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth. They are often removed because there may not be enough room in your jaw for the teeth to grow in properly, and they can put pressure on the other teeth. However, some people do have jaws that are large enough to include wisdom teeth. I personally ha ( Full Answer )

Is removing a wisdom tooth painful?

Depends on the person... I know people who had to take painkillers for days afterwards, and their face swelled up like a chipmunk. Then some other people are feeling back to normal as soon as the freezing wears off! The amount of damage that needs to be done to the gums has a lot to do with how much ( Full Answer )

How do you pull out a molar tooth out with floss?

tie a knot around the base of the molar at the gums where the tooth is a little smaller... then tie the floss around the knob of a door, hold your mouth open an lean your head back a Little. gotta make a clean exit area. then slam the door shut...

What is the difference between and incisor and molar tooth?

Incisors are located at the front of the face, touching the lips, and are flat sharper teeth. Molars are located towards the back of the jaw touching the buccinator--muscle of the cheek, and have a large, bulky surface.

How do you make your wisdom teeth grow straight when there is no second molar?

Unfortunately, there is no way to "make" your wisdom teeth grow instraight. If your other teeth are straight, then they may grow instraight. If you have a tendency towards crooked teeth, they theymay grow crooked too. The good news is that not everyone has tohave them removed if they grow in crooked ( Full Answer )

I have been suggested to undergo wisdom tooth removal. I am sorry but I am scared of dentists. Can someone just recommend some medications?

You would choose an oral surgeon who would administer anesthesiaduring the tooth removal. You will be sleepy afterwards with noreal memory of the process. If you avoid the surgery, you may findyourself in pain and then still need to have the tooth removedbecause of infection. Some things in life you ( Full Answer )