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If a dog is lost in a cornfield, first call the dog while walking around the field to locate it. If the dog is not found, another option is to wait 24 hours to see if the dog comes home. If the dog does not return in 24 hours, a Pet Amber Alert could be an option.

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Q: If a dog is lost in a large cornfield. how do you find it?
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What tools can someone use to find lost dogs?

A good tool to find a lost dog is to be sure before the dog gets lost at all, that the dog has a locator chip inside them. This way when one can not find their dog since it ran off, the computer chip inside is able to locate the whereabouts of the dog and can even track where the dog has ever been since the chip was inserted.

If a dog walks into a grown cornfield and wonders to the center can he get confused and not find his way out?

The dogs highly developed sense of smell wil allow him to retrace his steps out or follow a familiar scent home.

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You can hang flyers, drive around where your dog got lost, call any local shelters to see if they have your dog and ask them to call you if they find it, call the vet offices in your area to see if someone called saying they found a dog, put an lost dog notice in the newspaper. Good luck finding your dog!

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A picture of the dog that is missing the home phone number of the owner of the dog and usually the amount of an reward offered.

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you should give them lots of love and treats and you should feed them

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