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No. For pregnancy to occur there has to be a sperm connecting with an egg. Sperm can swim to find the egg in the woman's body, so if some sperm get into the vagina of a woman, they very well may make it to meet an egg.

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no because girls dont have sperm and sperm is needed to make a baby.

No they can not they dont have sperm

No, a girl can not get pregnant without the presence of sperm.

there is still a chance, you dont even have to have sex to get pregnant if sperm is released around the vagina. pre ejaculation contains high amounts of active sperm also.

It depends on where you are when you do ejaculate. If you are still close enough to the vagina, then there is a chance of some sperm finding their way.

girls dont have sperms they have eggs therefore ur wrong -.-

no its not possible. im a girl. ive never been pregnant but i know girls that have been. its actually sort of interesting talking to pregnant women. my brothers gf was pregnant and she started talking to me. she says you dont get your period if your pregnant. she was happy about that. she doesnt like having her period. not many girls do. i dont really like it cause the blood is nasty and annoying. i dont get bad cramps and when i do they dont bother me. but the blood is the worst part. i hate it. i think life would be alot easier if girls didnt get periods.

no because your finger doesnt have a sperm on it. but caution if your bf tells you he doesnt have a sperm dont believe him.....

Okay, The reason being because, Girls have eggs, And when sperm finds these eggs we become pregnant. But if we dont use these eggs. We have to get rid of them. We do this by having a 5-7 day period a month.

Dont listen to anyone who says you cant get pregnant from pre-cum. Sperm is still being entered, just not as much.

Yes. As long as...the...willy.....shoots sperm out, and some how someway, it reaches your ..... vagina..... it will get you pregnant. You must use protection or wait till marriage if you dont want to get pregnant right now. ~Cherry.girl**

Yes. Even if you don't have the typical symptoms of pregnancy, you can still be pregnant.

You have sex with the girl, and if you dont know what that is it is when the boy releases sperm in the girls vagina, which causes her to have a baby.

Sometimes a woman's egg doesnt get fertilized by the sperm. So your not pregnant.

Yes you can still get pregnant! Sperm doesn't die right away . Sperm's one goal is to get to that egg! It will swim until it gets there! It's just like if you are having sex and your partner pulls out or the pre-cum that happens before ejaculation. If you don't want to get pregnant then either use a condom, get on birth control and learn how to use it correctly, just keep the penis away from your vagina, or just don't have sex! A lot of girls get pregnant, believe it or not, by a game that guys play called "just the tip" . Dont ever believe that line .

sperm doesnt expire it just helps if you use a condom so that when you decide to have sex you dont have the sperm inside you trying to fertilize your eggs .

You dont need all that much.. a little bit can be enough

I dont think that really makes a difference, as long as you have your period you are able to get pregnant unless something else is wrong with you that enables you or makes it difficult for you to get pregnant

They take a pregnancy test. or if u dont get ur period

Yes you can. Sometimes. Like if you have sex and you dont take it then yes you maybe can get pregnant. But if you do take it and still wear a condom then you should be gOod even if you dont wear a condom