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If she is younger than 16, that's normal. If she is older than 16, she has a big ego problem. 1. She is a jerk or 2. She is immature. Either way I would stay away from her it will only lead to troubles for you. answer depends on what you mean by flirt , if she's like trying to massage you and all that kind of stuff SHE REALLY LIKES YOU but if it's just like playful talking she's just being a girl

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Q: If a girl flirts with you and says she don't like you?
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What to do when a girl you like kinda flirts with another guy?

She may have a slight, slight, crush on the boy. Ask her out and see what she says!

What if a girl says she doesn't like flirty boys?

If you like her dont be flirty.

If a girl says that a little birdie told her that you like her friend but you dont and then she says it was just lockerroom chat does her friend like you?

yes it does

Does a guy like you if he says he doesn't like you but flirts with you?

It depends. Are you a whore? That's wrong, xDD

How does a girl know that a guy likes them?

he either flirts really badly or becomes mean but says that he is only joking

During a first date what does it mean when a girl says that she is still trying to figure out how she feels about you although she flirts a lot with you?

Answer Not knowing the girl in question, one might think she is toying with you and wants you to give her lots of attentiton. When a woman says she's still trying to figure out how she feels about you but flirts like crazy, believe me, she already knows, she's just looking for your undivided attention.

Known this girl for a while we have long conversations with lots of eye contact she stays at the bar to hang with me after her friends leave and flirts with me the whole time does she like me?

Probably. Ask her out and see what she says.

How do you talk to a girl after she says no?


What do you say to a girl who says she looks like a skank?

Just say no you dont, you,re beautifull

If a guy says he liked you but then dates your best friend but while they're together he still flirts with you even when he says he's over you then does he still like you or is he just playing around?

He is not worth is so dont even worry about it. He is just playing with your head.

This girl flirts with you and she says she doesn't like you?

either she's lying and likes you a lot or she just is a flirtatious person and sees you as nothing important, but a flirt buddy...u should get down to bottom of this.

What to say when a girl says like your eyes?

try saying, thank you and smiling. Dont keep the attention on yourself though, if you like the girl slip a compliment about her in there.