If a girl has sex before shes started her period she doesnt bleed but if she has it after shes started her period as well as before will she still bleed?


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Whether you will bleed or not the first time you have sex have nothing to do with your period.

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Before you start to bleed you ovulate so yes, you can get pregnant before you start to bleed. You will not know if you are in your period before you bleed.

You didn't miss your period. THAT was your period.

You can get pregnant before the first time you bleed because you ovulate before you bleed and that is when you can get pregnant.

I have the same problem and I'm looking for answers myself.

If said person has reached menses (started getting her period) then yes it is possible. You start to ovulate before you bleed so there might be no signs it has started yet.

yes, if you have just started your period. Its called spotting and is likely to happen in between periods.

If you don't bleed, you don't have a period. You can't have a period and not bleed.

It is common for some dogs to bleed before going into labor. However, if you notice excessive bleeding or the dog has not started delivering puppies within a short period of time after the bleeding begins it may signal that you need the assistance of the veterinarian.

When you are on your period you will bleed 24/7.

No. All virgins do not bleed. Some women break their hymen before having sex for the first time. So, if she doesnt bleed the first time, it does not mean she is not a virgin

if you bleed when you first finger yourself then that means that you broke your hymen also known as your "cherry" or you started your period

Yes, you can expect an unusual period the first one or two times you bleed after stopping the patch. Your subsequent period will probably be more like those you had before you started the patch.

No because if your period is finished, then you can no longer bleed until your next period.

Your period will usually stop within 7 days. It is different in every woman. Some bleed for 3 days while others bleed for 6 days.

14 days early would not indicate pregnancy, but it could be an implantation bleed, or it could be caused by sex or just an early period, I would go and see the doctor if it doesnt stop in the normal period time or take a home pregnancy test when your period is due.

its probably just getting started. No worries, it's just the way you bleed.

No it's just the menstrual cycle so maybe you're just having your period now

you may be coming on i usually get period pains a few days before i start to bleed and then get none when i am bleeding

Because your period came 2 weeks earlier than it was suppose to.

It is possibly an implantation bleed, but not necessarily

when you break the seal on her called the heiman or clytoros i cant remember which and she will bleed a little if its the 1st time for her just make sure she doesnt have her period when you do it

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