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If a girl is talking to a boy and that boy stares at you and not paying attention to the other girl what does that mean?


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it means that he doesnt lyk u move on and get a life !!

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yes. you can wreck your vehicle doing anything other than paying attention to the road.

"Why students are disruptive". The reason why students are disruptive in class is because they want attention from other students. They don't mean to disrupt the class… usually, but most of the time they talk to other students to get attention, and then they talk back to you so that you will give them attention. Talking is an attention game. And sometimes this attention game called "talking" gets other people's attention and so they want attention too, so they start talking. Soon enough you have a few groups talking in a class. This will usually "disrupt" class because of all of the commotion.

He's distracted by what the other person is doing/wearing.

because when you're talking to a girl you should be paying attention to her sh she gets mad when you start talking about other girls, or she likes you :)

attention lots of it other wise shell call you out on not paying enough attention to her they like to be treated like a princess

well it depends who or what the boy is paying attention to instead of girls...

He probably likes you. He thinks you're pretty and stares at you. He wants to hear your clear voice and says hi to you OR wants to get your attention. ^^

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Honey, It means that he sometimes talks to you, listens to what you say but sometiimes he is paying attention to other girls/guys or his/her friends. It also means that they don't just ignor you. Honey, It means that he sometimes talks to you, listens to what you say but sometiimes he is paying attention to other girls/guys or his/her friends. It also means that they don't just ignor you.

The tendency to believe that other people are paying closer attention to one's appearance and behavior than they really are.

Jealousy can be compared to ownership (a girlfriend may not like other girls paying attention to her boyfriend) or, envy.

It could be family problems. But anyway it COULD have something to do with you. For instance, maybe you both like each other and you aren't paying attention to her, or your talking to other girls which makes her think you don't like her. There is a possibility it's about you.

Stares means having a fixed looked at something (usually with amazement) with eyes wide open. Gazes is the other word that can be used instead of stares.

He may be jealous or maybe hes worried about loosing you because it seems like you and the other guy have something going on even if you don't.

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Actions like that put you in a sticky situation. You are probably wondering whether you should tell the partner not to listen to the other person, tell the other person not to talk to your partner, or tell the teacher what is going on. It is likely that the teacher sees or hears what is going on. When the time comes to follow the instructions, the people who are talking will not know what to do, and it will be even more obvious who was paying attention and who wasn't. While the teacher is talking, your primary duty is to pay attention and get the information. When the teacher is finished talking, you might want to tell your partner that it was annoying that the other person tried to talk to him or her. Remind your partner that you can't do both his/her and your own work, so s/he should listen to the teacher and ask the other person to pay attention to the teacher. If your partner tells the other person to pay attention, that should be the end of it. If it happens again, tell the teacher.

When two men make eye contact with each other, they are simply paying attention to one another, or if they are homosexual, they could be attracted to each other.Eye contact with anyone usually means one is attentive. Even between to gay men, who may not have romantic interests in each other, could still just be paying attention.

some one migth hate you is becauseyou were meanyou wre with other friendsyou did something badyou did not pay attention when they were talkingyou were talking bad abot them

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