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If a girl love you and love another?

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If a girl loves you and loves another girl then your basically dating a bisexual

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What should you do if you love girl and she knows that you love her but she loves another boy?

find another girl!

What should you do if the girl you love is in love with another guy?

Dump the girl. If she is in love with another guy then she doesn't deserve you. Don't waste your time on some one who does not love you.

When a girl falls in love with another girl what are they called?


What if your love one loves to another girl?

if your a boy)=then find another girl. if your a girl)= smack him silly and leave!

Will there be another Star Girl book after Love Star Girl?

There are no plans for another book, as devastating as that is.

What if a girl is in love with a boy and the boy is in love with another girl?

That sounds too much like a movie. Well the girl is in love with a boy. But the boy is in love with another girl. If I were the girl, no matter how much it hurt, if I loved him enough I'd want what was the best for him. And for him to be happy. I'd let him go and be happy with the other girl.

How does a girl tell another girl she's interested?

Say, I love you.

How can you start lesbianism?

If you are a girl and you find another girl that you love and trust them

What does it mean if you are lesbean?

You are on love with another girl

What is a lesibain?

A woman who is in love with another girl. I'm in love with cayleigh

What if your still in love with your first love but the problem is that he is in love with another girl what do you do how do you get him back?


How do you move on from a girl who you love and think about all the time?

find another girl

My girlfriend is bi and she is in love with me and another girl What do I do?


What if you are in love with a girl but it's another girl that like you and you like them too?

Don't love more than one girl. We get really pissed off.

If you got a girlfriend and you love another girl what should you do?

it depends does she love u back if so dump yer gf 2 be with the girl you love

How does some one fall out of love?

By them seeing another girl and the girl is prettier then u

If you like a boy but he likes another girl and the girl likes him back is that love for you?

not technically, if he is really interested in you and you bring your relationship further it mite turn into love. if he likes another girl.......well i would move on

What to do when you love someone and they say they love you but their with another girl?

Well then hes a git he wants what he cant have.. if he did love you he would brake up with the other girl and come to you =]

What do you do if you are in love with a girl but she just wants to be friends?

Just find another girl. You cant make anyone love you back bro.

Why do boys make fun of girls then love them?

Because they don't want the girl to know they love the her !!Their to embarrassed to say to her or another girl!!

How do you get back your boyfriend when he is in love with another girl?

there isn't a way

Is it possible a straight lady be in love with another girl?


Should you still be with your boyfriend if he told another girl he was in love with her?


Can a boy be in love with a girl and sexually attracted to another girl?

Depends if you're boyfriend is a hussy or not!

Can a straight girl have some love feeling for another girl?

It's possible and surprisingly common