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Q: If a girl meets a vampire at school would it be better if the vampire were a girl or a boy?
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Does raven become a vampire the the series vampire kisses?

no she never does i would be better if she had become one...

If vampires went to school what would they learn?

The normal stuff, math. They could also go to a vampire school to learn how to be the proper vampire.

How did Jasper become a vampire?

Jasper was a Major in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He meets 3 girls who are vampires they bite him knowing he would have a talent 3 days later he is a vampire they soon start the southern war he meets another vampire named peter who meets Charlotte and they all leave together and then later he meets Alice in a diner and soon join the Cullen's and there diet ( go vegetarian vampires exept Alec

Who is not a famous vampire?

Tom criuse Excuse me but Tom played Lestat in 'Interview with a Vampire' A better answer would be Ronald Regan.

What Would Happen if Edward told Bella he was a vampire on the first day of school?

That would be up to the author

Which is better Inuyasha or vampire knight?

i like both its close but i would have to say vampier knight

To a vampire what is better deer blood or mountain lion blood?

To a vampire the saying 'you are what you eat' has greater implications then for the rest of us. The vampire Lestat, when he was required to live off of rats for a long time assumed many of the characteristics of them. A vampire who feed off of deer would be come very 'Shelly Long'-like, a vampire who feed off of mountain lions would become very 'Daniel Craig'-like. Now deer are a bit more plentiful and easier to hunt than Mountain Lions (I should think) but then a mountain lion like vampire would be better at hunting than a deer-like vampire. However I would think that a deer-like vampire would be better at luring human prey than a mountain lion-like one. (Would you be more willing to go into a dark alley with Shelley Long or Daniel Craig?)

What are some verbs to describe a vampire?

Verbs do not describe - you would be better off with adjectives or maybe adverbs

Would Kermit the Frog be perfect to star in high school musical 4 east meets west?

no way

What would happen if a human bites a vampire?

The vampire would be so angry and sad that the vampire would cry to his or her mother.

What grade is Jane in the movie new moon?

Jane isn't really in school because she is a vampire and all, but if she were to be in school she would be either in the 8th grade, or a freshman in high school

If I am eaten by a vampire will I become a true vampire?

Legends said only those that a vampire wanted to make a vampire would become a vampire. All the rest would die.

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