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No, not that simple......But in a lot of cases it would be flirting.


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That she is giving you a compliment and that she is probably flirting with you. If you are attracted to her, you should flirt back.

On his facebook it says "Type of girl: girls with a nice smile, nice eyes and a great personality" and he said the same on his Twitter as well.

It means u have nice eyes.... lol. He compliments u, flirty.

If he is always flirting with you, but says that he does not like you, then he probably only wants one thing. And you know what that is. Forget him and move on.

It probably does. It depends if she was talking about your flirting.

If the girl is young (4-7) it proberly means she has a gift to give you to be nice. If she is(7-19) she wants to date you! BE HAPPY AND ASK HER OUT!

You can tell if he's flirting with his eyes by looking you up and down.Or,always staring at you. omg..theres this fabulous guy that i like...and he was totally flirting with me cause he kept on lookin up and staring at me...while writing...than he was really sweet..but yeh..eyes are a language themselves..if ur heart says theres a connection then there probably is..

if a girl tells you that you smell nice it most likely either means that you really do smell nice or they like you. With a girl you will never know.

girls are sassy because i think it is a type of flirting, like it depends on what the girl says to you

Amelia Mason says: If you are the girl he is talking to, it doesn't necessarilly mean he is flirting, it just means that he is not rude enough to look elsewhere. If you are not the girl he is talking to, it still doesn't mean for sure that he is flirting.

it means that you smell horribly nice

It means exactly what it means. You close your eyes and she kisses your eyes.

When a girl says that you not bad means that she thinks you are a nice person. This could also mean that she likes you.

Just because a girl thinks you have pretty eyes does not mean she likes you. It could just mean that she likes your eyes.

It means she wants a fight. She is flirting, but she wants you to chase after her.

He is flirting with you and he might like you or he's just playing around with you but most likely is tha he likes you

flirting, being all sweet wth talkin long time wit

if she acts like she likes you ask her . if she says no then she is jus flirting with you.

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