If a girl swallows can she get pregnant?


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No, a girl can only get pregnant by sperm entering her vagina, not her stomach.

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No, there is no connection to her uterus.

If she only swallows it, then no.

yes she can but only if the boy as the disease and she can not get pregnant from swallowing

No, but she might choke if she swallows the penny, or get some sort of poisoning from the copper.

No she can only get pregnant if any of his " parts" get into her. But there one exception that if even if she's doing oral if she even swallows the sperm she can not get pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant but you wanna do something. Try a condom. Hope this helps.

No a woman can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. sperm needs to enter the vagina to get to the fallopian tubes it is the only way. Any sperm that is swallowed is simply digested along with what you had for diner.

No one can get pregnant by swallowing semen. And a man doesn't even have ovaries or a uterus and can never get pregnant.

may girl had swallowed sperm and it had changed its path from food pipe to vaginal pipe.... therefore it is possible that a girl get pregnant if she swallows sperm.....

The collective nouns for swallows are:a flight of swallowsa gulp of swallowsa kettle of swallowsa swoop of swallowsa richness of swallowsa flock of swallows

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

Of course a girl can get pregnant anywere.

If you ejaculate in a rubber can you get a girl pregnant

No, girls never get pregnant by a girl, different or otherwise.

Hi, A girl cannot get another girl pregnant. It is physically impossible.

No a girl cant get pregnant from a kiss so that mean you can kiss any girl and she wont get pregnant

A girl can not get pregnant through her anus.

A girl becomes pregnant when a sperm reaches her egg.

no, they would have to have sex for the girl to get pregnant.

No they can not get pregnant even tho girl have cum too.

no you cant, it will go into your tummy not where it is suposted to go dont worry

Nothing. She will digest it just as she would any other food.

yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

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