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If it isn't moving when you poke at it, then it is dead.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 01:02:43
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Q: If a goldfish is not floating upside down how do you know if it is dead?
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Does it mean hat your goldfish is dying if its tail is floating up?

I am not very sure but my guess is Yes. But I do know if it is floating upside down it is very dead. Hope the Goldfish does not die

Why does goldfish swim upside down and is bloated?

If the goldfish is upside down and it is bloated, ................................It might be DEAD!

Why do goldfish float upside down?

they are dead. sorry if that happened to you

Why is your goldfish swim upside down?

I think it might be dead:(

Why is your goldfish upside down?

If your goldfish is swimming upside down, that probably means it has swimbladder disease or something of the sort. To cure this, I suggest you feed your upside-down swimming goldfish the insides of boiled peas. I never tried it myself, but on the internet I saw the story of a person who fed his upside-down swimming goldfish some peas and the next day it was swimming normally! Try it! It will cure constipation too. But if your goldfish is floating upside down, there is a high possibility it is dead. Poke it or fish it up with a net. If it moves or thrashes around when you pick it up in a net, then it is alive.

If your goldfish is swimming upside down what do you do?

it's dead dude flush it

What to do when your goldfish turns upside down a lot?

im not sure but my goldfish turns upside down and is pretty much dead but still breathing but hes got worms

Do goldfish swim upside down If so why?

No! If they swim upside down, put ur kids in another room, take the goldfish and flush it down the toilet......cause it's dead

What is wrong with a goldfish when they are found backwards?

If you mean they are upside down, then they could be dead...

Why are your goldfish swim upside down?

It's not swimming. It's dead. Sorry :(

What shall you do if your goldfish floats to the bottom of its tank?

Stop doing a handstand. If your goldfish is floating, it will float to the top, not the bottom, therefore, you must be upside down!

What happens if your goldfish is swimming upside down and not breathing?

it just means the fish is dead

Your goldfish is upside down at the top of the tank Is it dying?

It's most likely already dead.

Your black moor goldfish has one eye bigger than the other and is spending time floating upside down any answears?

Your fish is dead or it is very sick and needs to see a vet immediately.

Why would a goldfish swim upside down?

my goldfish is dying

Why does your red cap fish keep floating upside down?

As long as your fish is not upside down all the time, it is not dead. Most likely your fish has a bladder disorder and it cannot help but float upside down.

How do you know when a goldfish is dead?

it closes its eyes ( goldfish don't have eyelids, they never close their eyes). The fish will usually float to the top upside down)

What has happened when your fish is upside down floating on the top of the tank?

Its Dead. When it floats up and the gills are not moving and breathing for sure it is dead

Can fish swim upside down?

fish can swim upside down as a way to get rid of preditors, i see my goldfish swimming upside down regurarly and doesn't seem to be dead because he still moves. he normally does this when he it getting attacked by one of my guppies.

Why does my goldfish swim around side ways or upside down?

When their swimming upside down its usually a sign that their dying

What is the meaning of an upside down anchor?

weightless, floating

Wy is your betta fish floating upside down?

it might be dead but if its moving tht means its alive and it has swim bladder disease

How do you know when a goldfish when it is poorly?

Coz it will be upside down dummie :)

If my goldfish is swimming upside down does it really mean that he is australian?


Why does your goldfish huddle upside down at the bottom of the tank?

Its Dieing .