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This could be a sign of an illness. It could also mean that your guinea pig is cold. Try putting a 25 watt bulb (no higher than that) over the guinea pig's cage, making sure that the animal cannot touch the light or chew the wire. Also, make sure there is plenty of Vitamin C in the animal's diet through vitamin drops in the water or on its food. Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, and veggies like red pepper, are also very important to keeping a healthy guinea pig.

Check and see if she or he has crustie eyes. It might have uri (uper respatory infection) my little piggie is at the vet right now because of it. If it does you should take it to the vet immediatly. Uri is easily treated it only takes about a week of medication.

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Q: If a guinea pig is sneezing often should you take it to the vet?
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How often should you take out your guinea pig?

you should take out your ginipigs every day so they can see somebody and get talked to and have some attention

If the guinea pig is sneezing but not suffering what should you do?

AnswerIt has a cold, let it run it's course. Pets get sick too. If it has other symptoms and starts to lose weight, then take him to a should contact a vet to see if it is urgent.

What to do if a guniea pig sneezes?

If it's not sneezing constantly it should be fine. If it is sneezing a lot then it could be that their bedding is pretty dusty. Maybe try buying a different kind like "Kaytee aspen wood shavings" or something like that, that says "less dust". That's the kind i get and its great, or "plantco aspen wood bedding" Try that and if your guinea is still sneezing then maybe it has a cold and you should take it to the vet. Good luck

When should you take a guinea pig to a vet?

You should take a guinea pig to a veterinarian if they are sick, obese, pregnant, or if they are in need of a routine checkup.

How many times should you take your guinea pig to vet?

You should take your guinea pigs to see his/her vet for a check-up about once a year. You should always take your guinea pig to the vet if they are showing any signs of illness. If you take care of your guinea pig well, than trips to their vetrinarian will be rare.

How often do you take your guinea pig to the vet?

Once A Month...

Can you take a rectal temp on a guinea pig?

Yes, this is often how vets check the temperature of guinea pigs.

How often should a guinea pig visit the vet?

about once a year for a check up if it's sick take it to the vet though

Why does your guinea pig have crusty watery half shut eyes and sneezing?

These are both signs of respiratory issues, which can become very serious if gone untreated. Take the sick guinea pig to the vet for proper treatment.

How long and how often should you take you guinea pig out of the cage for?

20 though 30 min and every day cause it needs exercise

Guinea pig treatment for when sneezing?

Guinea pigs don't get colds. Sneezing and nasal discharge are signs of Upper Respitory Infections. Left untreated can be fatal, guinea pigs go downhill very fast. Take him to a experienced exotics veterinarian ASAP, this is a very serious and deadly infection. Please educate yourself regarding proper care and how to spot signs of illnesses before it's too late.

What does it mean when your dog sneezing blood?

It means that if you care for your dog, you should take it to the veterinarian - urgently.

Should you take your guinea pig out after 3 days?


How many weeks should you take a male guinea pig out from the female guinea pig?


Should you take guinea pigs to the vet if you get them at petco?

you should take guinea pigs to the vet if you get them ANYWHERE. You should only take them though if youd like to check them out and make sure they are healthey, nuetor them, or check their gender.

How often do you have to take your guinea pig on a bath?

once a yr. my guinea pig dislikes them and i have to give him a bath everyother yr.

What do you do if your guinea pig gets fat?

Put your guinea pig on a balanced diet, without over feeding. Guinea pigs should mainly eat grass then often eat veggies then sometimes eat hay and occasionally eat grains. commonly people thing guinea pigs main food is grains but processed grains are great to fatten up your guinea in the cold winters. and make sure that you take your guinea pig out to play as often as you can!!

How should you take your guinea pig to the vet?

You should just put it in a cage.

Your guinea pig hurt his foot what should you do?

take it to the vet

What should you do if your guinea pig has a lump on her back?

Take it to a vet.

What should you do if your guinea pig has a swollen ear?

Take it to a vet.

Should I take my guinea pig to a vet if it is shaking?


Is it bad when your guinea pig snezzes?

When my Guinea Pig was sneezing i told my mom and she took it to the vet. She ended up being sick. i didnt have her for 10 days because it was bad. If u didnt take her to the vet she would have gotten very sick.

Can guinea pigs get nits?

No Guinea pigs can't get nits, but they can get mites which are worse so if you think guinea pig is scartching itself often , take it to a pet shop and they can do treatment!

How do you treat a Guinea pig with cold?

If a guinea pig has a cold and is showing symptoms such as blocked nose, sneezing, shivering etc. it could be due to many illnesses. It is most likely the common cold that guinea pigs can pick up just as easily as humans, as they are highly susceptible to sickness. If symptoms persist take your guinea pig to the vet, they will give you medication :)