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Go to the guy and tell him to tell his girlfriend that he has a crush on you and that he thinks they should get over each other.

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Well either she doesnt like you or she doesnt want to admit to her friends that she likes you. Try talking to her away from her friends. If she is really friendly she does like you. If she is distant or tries to get away from you fast then you know she doesnt like you.

if he flirts with you, or talks to you often. if he still tries to hang out with you and treats you like you're his girlfriend.

Being a guy, he probably wants to have sex with you. But that doesnt mean he doesnt really like you. You shouldn't reject a guy just because he wants sex.

If you like him tell him you do then if he likes you he will tell you. Buy some general sighs he likes you are... - if he always has time for you - if u catch him staring at you - or if he tries to get closer to u

that he has something to hide. or he doesnt want people to know he is dating you. or he already has a girlfriend. or it could have something to do with his family or his friends

molestation or he likes to be a pervert or he likes you!

He is really nervous around you, he wants to be near you, he tries to act cool around you, he looks at you 5-10 times a day, and is rude to you.

he ignores you he tries to avoid meeting you alone(so that you cant question him about the avoidin part) he doesnt reply to your email/texts if you catch him alone and ask him something he answers rudely he shows displeasure in being with you he doesnt invite you for his parties & tries to avoid yours he keeps the fone on you saying he is busy thats all i can think of right now!!!!

My girlfriend always tries to get me chocolate. I LOVE IT.... depending on if YOUR boyfriend likes it. I'm really athletic and my girlfriend is too... so she sometimes gets me Nike Elite Socks. If your boyfriend is athletic... I would DEFINITELY recommend them.

It depends on what type of guy he is. If he smiles all the time - or he either likes you or thinks your cute If he tries to hang out with you - or either thinks your funny but most occasionally he likes you If he doesnt do nothing- ya better tell him what u feel

depends how younger, my boyfriend's little bro is like 4, and he likes me, and he shows off alot, so that shows a bit, but depending on how young the guy is, it doesnt matter, you will know all the same! he tries to impress you

if you look at him and hes looking at you and quickly looksaway ,he probably likes you .or he tries to be around you alot then he likes you.

I would say don't flirt with him or the girlfriend will get jealous, wait until they breakup and then see what happens. Just make sure he isn't a jerk, if he tries to cheat on his girlfriend then you should just leave and forget about him.

If he doesnt pee and tries to get you pregnant

cause he tries to be funny!!!!!!!

well you cant tell since you dont talk to him but if he looks at you or tries to talk to you then you have something to go on but if he doesnt do anything to talk to you or something then yea he doesnt like you....but if you really like him you will try to talk to him so at least he can get to know you

Is itnreally that complicated it means the mom doesnt trust him but the dad does

Yes that means he is interested in you and trying to show his interest by making jokes to make you smile and notice him.

yuppppppppp if he annoys you he likes you! that is what all guys do! trust me i know!!!!!!!!

he txts you back every time you txt him - he sneaks glances at you, A lot - he doesnt ignore you - he walks/sits very close to you - he tries to make u laughhe tries to make you laughhe pokes your sides to make u laughhe compliments u a lothe stands up for u if somebody's insulting youhe carries things for youhelps you uptries to hang out with you

the basic conflict is that Edwards brother tries to kill Bella, so he figures out that he's needs to stop hanging around Bella and leaves(so he cant hurt her anymore). Then Victoria wants her revenge on edward for killing her boyfriend so she tries to kill Bella his (x) girlfriend but she doesnt know that! Then Alice (Edwards sister) c's a vision that Bella jumps off a bridge (to kill herself bec/ she's so sad of losing edward) but just "having fun".