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Yes, that's how anyone gets pregnant.

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Not always, but most common that you will be pregnant.

No, he cant get you pregnant but if his semen gets in then yeah you can get pregnant from that

If the guy didnt have cum on his finger then no you cant.

depends, If yourprotected. - If you want to be pregnant then the smallest amount ofspermcan get youpregnant. But if yourprotected then, maybe he just cant 'sperm' well than other, OR you justcouldn't make him

It only takes once with unprotected sex to become pregnant.

no she cant get pregnant because the sperm is to weak to swim through and can not survive on fabrics

Yes. If you do not wish to become pregnant you should always use a condom and/or a reliable method of birth control.

you cant, you need to have special surgeries if you absolutley want to, but...

as soon as air hits the seman it dies. seman does not do good in air.

It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or bi. If a girl and a guy have intercourse there ISA possibility of the girl getting pregnant. It's that simple.

No men can not get pregnant from gay sex. gay sex imply's anal sex and even women cant get pregnant from anal sex.

No , its extreemly unlikely! if the semen seeps in her panties, i think there is a possibility that she may get pregnant

Are u serious? That's 6th grade sex ed... A guy nuts/ejaculates inside the woman's vagina..

kinda vague hard to say but it's obvious if he was in at any point theres the possibility.

no of course not if u didnt sleep with her then no she cant

There is always a possibility of you getting pregnant if he pre-cums in you. Condom first no matter what.

a guy is better because of the simply fact that a guy can make you pregnant for example if you are a girl and your bii and you ask ask yourself what can a ma give you that a girl cant its defiatley a baby he can give you and he can make you happy to also a girl but a girl cant make you pregnant

No. Human males do not have the ability to become pregnant.

No men are not equipped to become pregnant.

There could be an endless possibility of things going on in his life that don't allow him to date at the moment, or he may just not be into you

There is always a possibility of some the mans sperm escaping before orgasm. pregnancy do occur this way.

can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm

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