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Yes it does.

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What is this guy trying to say by calling everyday and textingme often and wants to see me 5 out of 7 nites Calls me in the morning But we don't go out what is this a booty call with constant calling?


What do you do when your boyfriend's ex keeps calling and wants to get back with him?

call that girl and tell her no

Im starting to get over him will he call again?

when he called you, what does he wants? if he wants a reconciliation for a friendship there's nothing wrong with that. if he wants for the both of you you to be together again why not.

What do you do if a guy only calls you when he wants sex then doesnt call until it's time again?

what do you do if a guy only calls you when he wants sex? Then does't call you again until it time for sex again?

Guy says he is interested when asked after the first date but never called back or returned emailShould you call him again?

no, he's not interested. if he was, he would make it happen.. don't put yourself through embarrassment by calling him and sounding desperate.. he has your number.. if he wants to see you again he'll call.

If a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you will he call?

Only when he wants to cheat again!

Why does your boyfriend still call you?

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

Would calling a radio station charge you?

Yes,It will charge you a bit extra than a normal call. Also,if you call once your phone number is saved into the computer.So if you try to call again they know who is calling.

What is the verb in the sentence people often call it flu?

Call is the verb in the sentence "people often call it flu".Some other verbs, which depend on the tense you need, are calls, calling and called.

Why does he still call after getting caught cheating?

Perhaps he wants you back again. Discuss it with him.

What is the present progressive tense of call?

The present progressive tense of call is:I am calling.You/We/They are calling.He/She/It is calling.

Guy used to date wants to see again but doesn't call much?

then if you are up to seeing this guy again go ahead.

After a a first date you text him and later call him after that how long should you wait to call him again if he doesnt call back?

After first date, if he doesn't reply to your calls and messages, then stop calling again. Maybe he is not interested. If he was busy he will call back, but if he doesn't you have to move on.

If you call someone and you get the busy tone can you wait it out and when they hang up will the phone start to ring again or what?

Once you receive the initial busy signal, you must hang-up, doing this ends the call.You must call again & again, until the person you are calling, answers their phone.

Slept with him too soon he stopped calling Will he call you again?

you may have two options. first, you can just wait for him to call until like forever. second, you can try to make a way of contacting him and ask why he stopped calling.

Boyfriend not calling?

He may be busy, or may be facing problems, it depends on the length of time he hasn't been calling. However he might mean he wants to slow things down, you can never be sure. The best way to end your madness and find out the truth is to try to call him and see how he is, OR you can simply ignore him and wait to see when he'll come to you and start calling again. Whichever you chose, know that you did nothing wrong, and that its him who's not calling, not you!

She ignors your call?

When a girl doesn't answer your call it either means that shes busy or she doesnt feel like talking to you. Sorry! Try calling her again later.

What should i do if i call and she doesn't answer?

Leave a message. Try calling again later. Don't call more than three times. That will make you seem desperate

What if she wants you to call?

If you know she wants you to call, then call her, or tell her you are not interested.

How do you know if he wants you back after you broke up?

If he wants to start the relationship again, then he will call or write--the usual things. However, it is a statistical "fact" that, if you broke up once over an issue, you will break up again.

Even though I told him not to call me anymore should I still wish him a happy birthday?

You probably should not call to wish him happy birthday because you told him not to call you. If you do call, he may start calling you again.

When a girl says dont text me or call me ever again but yet she says i kinda like you what does this mean?

It means she wants a fight. She is flirting, but she wants you to chase after her.

What do you call a mother crocodile?

crocodile calling me,,, crocodile calling me,,,

Is calling Puerto Rico an international call?

If you calling from the states... no.

What items should you record when filling out a telephone message?

who is calling. when they called what they were calling about how /when you call them urgency call