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As far as I know showering ain't gonna help, if he got sperm inside you, you have a good chance no matter what of becoming pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-25 09:47:48
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Q: If a guys sperm comes inside your vagina can you get pregnancy if you shower after?
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Can a girl get pregnant if the sperm is spilled on her underwear?

If the sperm comes in contact with her vagina, yes. It is quite unlikely that this would cause pregnancy but it is possible. To avoid pregnancy, it is best to avoid sperm coming in contact with the vagina without protection or contraception.

Is discharge of semen inside vagina during pregnancy normal?

Discharge of semen I don't get. Semen comes form men and discharge form women. Unless he put it there you can't have any. It is normal to have sex during pregnancy though if that is what you mean unless the doctor have said otherwise.

How are kids borned?

Babies develop inside their mother's uterus. When time comes for them to be born, they come out her vagina.

How do sperm cells differ from egg cells?

Well one comes out of a dick, and the other is inside the vagina.

Does a female dog vagina get big before a period?

Yes, the female dog's vulva (external genitalia--the vagina is the part inside) will swell, sometimes greatly, as she comes into heat.

How does it feel when sperm comes out of inside a woman's vagina?

it feels like water is coming out it feels really good try it

What comes out of the vagina?


How does pregnancy take place?

When a man's penis enters a woman's vagina, sperm comes out. The sperm joins the eggs, and then a baby is formed. (Basically, you have sex)

How do you stimulate yourself?

As a female. Get a nozzle for the shower that comes on a hose and has a function that's a massage of powerful jet. Once in the shower grab the nozzle and squat down. Hold the nozzle facing upwards towards the hole in your vagina. Turn the water on.

Do you have to pull out if she is on birth control?

The withdrawal method or pulling out is not the best way to prevent a pregnancy. In pre cum there is sperm and you may not feel when pre cum comes out of the penis. If a female is using birth control correctly the male can ejaculate inside of the vagina with no worries.

Would a stuck tampon constrict the flow of urine?

No, of course not - a tampon would be inside the vagina, urine comes out via your urethra.

Where is the shower water filter located?

The shower water filter's location varies on what type of shower head it is. It is located within the shower head, or it can be a separate device that is attached to the shower head. It is usually located just before where the water comes out of the shower head.

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