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Some bits are made with different types of metal to be "sweet" and to encourage salivation, as this makes the horse accept the bit and relax to it. If your horse is dribbling or drooling, your bit could be one of these. If he is foaming at the mouth after a long workout, that is just another type of sweat and is normal. All in all, salivation doesn't have to be a bad thing, but if you don't like it, go to your saddle shop and ask for a bit that hasn't been sweetened.

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Q: If a horse salivates with a bit what should it be changed to?
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What bit should you use for a strong horse?

A bit such as a kimberwhick or hackmore should be sufficient.

Does a mule resemble a horse?

A mule is an offspring of a horse and a donkey, so it should resemble a horse a bit :)

Will a snaffle bit stop a horse as easy as a curb bit?

Stopping your horse should be a combination of hands and seat. A curb bit is much harsher than a snaffle, but your horse may find a welcome change and be more responsive with it. It depends on the horse.

What bit should be used in an English pleasure horse riding?

It depends on the horse. Most commonly a snaffle in a horse that is not too strong.

Why can't you leave a bridle on a horse in the pasture?

The bit on the bridle makes it so when the horse tries to graze, it chokes. Also, the horse can step on the reins and trip. Also, if you leave a bit on a horse unsupervised the horse can severely injure itself....including cutting it's tongue off and/or cutting it's mouth open. You should NEVER tie a horse with a bit in it's mouth or leave a horse unattended with a bit in.

What kind of horse should have a full cheek snaffle bit?

Its is not the "kind" of horse that determines the type of bit you should use it is the discipline and training level of the horse that determines it. A full cheek snaffle should be used on a horse being ridden english. It is a fairly mild bit that can be used on horses of all training levels. The cheeks pieces are there mainly to prevent the bit from slipping from side to side in the horses mouth but it does provide a bit more action in the horses mouth than a loose ring snaffle.

What is a bit used for on a horse?

A bit is used for control while riding. A bit should never be left in the horses mouth while unattended. To go along with that when removing your horses head stall and bit Let the horse push the bit out by his or her self pulling a bit out can do more harm than its worth to you and the horse. A bit can be a good thing but at the same time a bad thing. When choosing a bit make sure it fits the horses mouth right. A bit that does not fit right may cause your horse to act out with no warning and cause the horse not to respond when you are asking.

What age should you bit a horse at?

Start out with a bosal or side pull and once your horse is respoding to pressure introduce a light snaffle or D ring bit to your horse keeping it not too tight but not too loose in their mouth.Since you normally start riding a horse at the age of 2 then perhaps the age 3 or 4 your horse may be ready for the bit. Don't rush it. You should be able to feel how your horse is working and when he is ready to move on.

Which piece of tack should be last introduced when starting a young horse?

The bit

Which piece of tack should be the last one put on a young horse?


What is the horse bit used for?

The bit is used to signal the horse to turn, speed up, slow down, or back up. The type of bit used will depend on how it sends the signal to the horse, some bits should only be used by trained professionals with soft, gentle hands.

How much is a bit for a horse?

A horse bit will vary in cost based on the material it's made from, who made it, what type of bit it is, where you buy it from and other factors. But you should expect to pay at least $15 for a basic stainless steel bit, the price goes up from there.

My horse gets his tongue over the bit what is a suitable bit as he has bolted out of control he is an ex race horse?

instead of getting a new bit, u should get flash attachment. this will help keep the horses mouth shut and prevent him from getting his tongue over the bit.

What bit should you use if your horse gets strong and leans on the bit when hacking?

First off you should asses the horse and figure out why it's leaning on the bit in the first place. it could be a balance issue, training issue, or even a health problem. Get an equine Veterinarian to come out and check the horse, if everything checks out OK, then have a more experienced horse person or trainer watch you ride, whether in the ring out out on a hack. They will be able to tell you if anything is wrong. Then if need be you can change to a different bit.

What kind of bit for bolting horse?

A harsh bit is not the solution for a horse that bolts. Proper training is.

Weight of horse's bit?

The weight of a horse's bit depends on the weight of the horse. For a small horse or pony the bit can be a few ounces, and for a large horse it can be several pounds in weight.

How do you train a horse to go on the bit?

one way i found worked was really squeeze with your legs to push the horse/ pony forwrd but as your doing that ticle your reins and just "suggest" the horse should go down. there are many ways of getting a horse to go on the bit, but this one works for me. i worked for me to.

How much does a horse bit weigh?

A horse bit can weight anything from a few ounces to a pound or more depending on the type of the bit.

Why should you never allow a horse to eat when he is wearing a bridle?

A horse may choke if he is wearing a bit, and it is a bad habit for them to think they can eat when you are riding them.

How do you introduce a bit to a horse?

You should do this gradually. A young horse must learn to accept a bit as something normal and natural to have in its mouth, and this won't happen overnight. The horse must learn how to swallow saliva with a foreign object in its mouth. To facilitate this, a trainer will slowly introduce a mouthing bit, for just a few minutes at first and slowly building, until the horse no longer objects to it.

What type of bit would a horse rather have in its mouth?

Each horse prefers a different type of bit and it's up to the owner to figure out what type of bit the horse likes best.

What is a mikmar horse bit?

Mikmar is a bit company.

How many times should a horse be fed grain daily?

A horse should be fed mainly hay, and only a little little bit of grain a day.Try a cup or less of grain a day.

Which bit for my horse who leans and overbends in a pelham and leans and raises head in snaffle?

You are searching in the wrong place. you should never use any kind of equipment to substitute for training. Forget the bit, train your horse, or get someone who can.

What is the best bit for a horse who grabs the bit and bucks?

It may not be the bit that is the problem. For a horse that 'grabs' the bit a different noseband may be required. This may prevent him from grabbing the bit, which is a form of avoidance.