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Rabies are passed from one to another by a bite. If an infected dog bites a human, then yes, the human can get rabies. All bites from an animal you don't know should be taken seriously.

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Can a human get rabies when bitten by a dog with anti rabies shot?

If the dog's vaccinations are current, then there is no recorded case of a human contracting the rabies virus from the dog. But, a booster shot is recommended.

How does a person get rabies?

if you get bitten by a dog with rabies you might get them

If a dog is bitten by an infected dog can she get rabies?


What if your dog is bitten by a raccoon?

If your dog is bitten by a raccoon take him or her to the vet immediately for a rabies shot. Even if the raccoon doesn't seem to have rabies.

Can you get rabies if you touch the wound of your dog if he was bitten by a rabid dog?


Can a human suffer from rabies after being bitten by a dog?

Is the dog infected with rabies? Then yes, a human can get it. Not all dogs have it, of course. Can you tell if a dog has up to date rabies shots if you don't see a tag, or know the answers? No, so if you are bitten by any dog you don't know, when you go to the hospital (and you WILL, unless you have ready access to lots of gauze, potent antibiotics and powerful painkillers.) Dog bites HURT, and require treatment.

Can a man suffer from rabies after being bitten by a dog?

Yes. Most cases of rabies result from dog bites.

Should a dog have a rabies booster shot when bitten by a coyote?

Because the rabies shot is a live virus, no. This could increase the rate of your dog getting sick from rabies. Get your dog tested, then if it has rabies, get it rabies injections.

How early can dogs get rabies?

In theory, a dog could get rabies at birth. If the mother had rabies or if it was bitten right after birth.

10 years ago I got bitten by a dog that died instantly after do you think i might have rabies?

No. You cannot have rabies. Even the dog did not die of rabies.

Why did Atticus finch shoot the dog?

He shot the dog to protect him children, because the dog had rabies. If the kids were bitten they would of caught the rabies and died.

Do you get rabies if a puppy licks a tiny cut?

yes (if your dog or puppy has been bitten by an animal that had rabies)

Who was the first to receive the rabies vaccine?

On July 6th they first used it on a boy who was bitten by a dog with rabies.

Are rabies deadly?

Yes it is. If someone gets bitten by a dog with rabies there is a large possibility they will die. Yes. They are very hard to fight. So get your dog a rabies vaccination.

What happens to a human bitten by a dog with cancer?

Cancer does not affect the seriousness of the bite. Rabies does. If the dog has rabies, then this is considered dangerous and should be acted on immediately. If the dog does not have rabies, do not be relaxed. The bite may still have infection due to other unpredictable reasons. With or without cancer, with or without rabies, better fo to the doctor and vet to have the dog and victim checked up.

How long do you quarantine a dog for rabies?

10 days if the dog has bitten a human. 45 - 90 days if the dog was bitten by a high risk animal such as a bat, skunk, coyote, fox or raccoon. Contact the Department of State Health Service, Local Rabies Control Authority or a licensed veterinarian for more detailed information.

How do you get the rabies disease?

You would have to be bitten by a rabid animal e.g a dog.

Can a dog get rabies without being bitten?

ask i have noidada

Can you get rabies if bitten by vaccinated dog?

no because the smptom is much different

Will you get rabies if bitten by a dog?

Unless proved otherwise, every dog bite should be taken as threat of rabies. You need to consult your physician.

Do rabbit have rabies?

Rabbits do not carry rabies but can get them if bitten by a rabid animal such as a fox, coyote, dog. skunk or wolf.

Can you get rabies after 4 years after you been bite by a dog?

i don't think you will get rabies because its been for 4 years since you have been bitten by a dog.

Can you get rabies from eating a rabid dog?

When the dog dies, the rabies disease dies along with it. The only way to get rabies is by being bitten and the animal breaking your skin. Why the hell would you want to eat your dead dog?!?!?!?!?!

How does a dog get rabies?

Through the saliva of other dogs. Being bitten... etc;.

What should a person do after being bitten a dog with rabies?

See a doctor and get the shots.