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just because he flirts does not necessarily mean he is intending or even thinking about doing anything,it is just natural to be attracted to the opposite sex. I'm sure you are attracted to a particularily hot man every so often? I mean if you saw a nice toned fireman - wouldn't you be a little attracted? But yes, it does tend to annoy when men flirt in front of you, but unless there is any other evidence of infidelity I would either leave it be, or ask him nicely to just not flirt too often - in my experience men often don't even realise they are flirting.

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Q: If a husband and wife work in the same company and seem so happy in their marriage why does he seem to be attracted to other women and flirt with them?
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Your boyfriend sexually attracted to your friend?

In that case, drop him. If he is attracted to her, he will flirt with her, and she might flirt back (all girls do), then it could turn into emotional cheating, and after that is continues.

Is it normal for husband to flirt with his cousins?


Why do boys flirt with girls?

It is to impress them. They either want to get in the girls pants or be their girlfriend. It is a natural instinct to flirt with someone you're attracted too.

How can you tell if an older man is attracted to you?

he'll flirt and when he makes his move you'll know it

What do you do if you are attracted to a guy you just met?

You could flirt with him until you know if he is single and interested in you.

What is the difference between a shameless flirt and a girl who really is attracted to you?

A shameless flirt will often flirt to the same degree with other guys. Girls who are really attracted to you can be a little more shy/nervous around you and will tend to be more outgoing when a conversation begins. There are many cases which will be exceptions to the above. Source: Personal experience.

How do you you make a girl get attracted to you?

flirt with her but not to much show that your intrested but still dont really care

How do you know if he is attracted to you?

If a guy will do any domesticated thing like shopping go for walks etc then chances are he is attracted to you or flirt with him give him strong signals and you will definitely get your answer

Why she flirts with you?

Someone would flirt with you if they are attracted to you and basically likes you. Some people may unknowingly flirt with you, while others may flirt with you for a purpose. So in the end, this girl is flirting with you because she likes you and wants you to notice her as well.

What flirty things attract guys?

All guys are attracted by different things. If you are trying to flirt, just be yourself.

What does it mean when a girl says my eyes are beautiful?

That she is giving you a compliment and that she is probably flirting with you. If you are attracted to her, you should flirt back.

What does a flirt mean?

"A flirt" is someone who does just that - flirts. They act interested or attracted to someone, but only enough to keep that person interested; a playful way of getting attention. There is no serious intention beyond that.

Did Dolly Parton cheat on her husband?

Dolly Parton would never cheat on her Husband Carl Dean. Just because she likes to Flirt doesn't mean she would cheat on her Husband.

Would you be upset if you were in a restaurant and your husband asked what the waitresses name was?

== == == == == == == == I guess it just comes down to, if you trust your husband enough to let him flirt with other woman..

Why does your husband flirt with women in front of you?

It is already his habit if your husband flert with women in front of you. However, if he loves you truly and have respect to God, he will not flert with other women.

How do you marry someone on sims 3?

Click on the sim you want to get married to then flirt, then hug, and flirt, and blah blah blah. After the friendship meter is full, then you can ask to go steady. After that, you can propose for marriage.

Why would your brother's girlfriend flirt with your husband?

There is a probability that she is either a player or she envies you for some reason and pisses you off by flirting with your husband. Or she might simply enjoy flirting.

If a boy sometimes see me what does it mean?

It means he is attracted towards you or just trying to flirt you. In this case you must collect information about him, you may found him in love with you.

What does it mean when your wife likes to flirt?

It means that your wife likes to put herself out there for other males. She is behaving as if she is attracted to them and wants attention from other males.

Is it disrespectful for a husband to flirt with women when out on a date with his wife?

absolutley. love is supposed to be eternal in God's eyes, and if your husband is making googley eyes at another woman, you should talk calmly with him about it.

Why does my husband flirt with younger woman in front of me?

no offense, bit just because he is "on a diet" doesn't mean he "can't look at the menu"

How do you get the husband and wife to want a baby in The Sims 2?

just flirt with each other until a heart apears then keep kissing them

What does it mean if Husband had a sexual encounter with wifes female cousin and they still flirt?

It sounds like he is not ready to settle down and be monogamous.

Can you make a husband on sims 3 for ds lite?

Yes they can get married and have a boyfriend at the same time you just have to talk and flirt with them a lot

Is it okay to flirt?

Of course it is ok to flirt if you like someone or something you can flirt it is alright to flirt