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If they're in the country legally, they should apply for US citizenship.

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A legal immigrant who marries a U.S. citizen can apply for a green card, so s/he can stay in the U.S., travel outside the U.S. and re-enter, and work in the U.S.

No, marrying a US citizen or a permanent resident does not grant the illegal immigrant legal status regardless of whether there is a child involved or not.

Answer 1:Nothing. He/she will still be a legal immigrant.Answer 2:The above is true, if the status of "legal immigrant" was not dependent on the marriage, or his sponsorship. The immigrant concerned should seek advice from an attorney trained in these matters, or an immigrant aid group.

Yes, if a person is a legal and registered citizen of the specific country, state, province or continent etc. and is married to his/her partner that is otherwise; then yes, he/she can therefore be legible and almost positively receive citizenship.

Check with the laws in your state before getting married, but in most states, anyone who marries a United States citizen can become a US citizen, and thus be legal.

no,but the us citizen can help the immigrant become legal.

You don't have to be a citizen to marry someone as long as you are a legal immigrant..

Yes, but the illegal immigrant must seek a lawyer to help them become a citizen. The illegal may even have to return to their native country and await citzenship rights to the U.S. but just because an illegal marries a citizen does not give them a free pass. It may however, speed up the process.

No, she is not. She will be allowed to remain in the US with her spouse and children, but she will have to apply for citizenship separate from her marriage. The US citizen REMAINS a US citizen. The immigrant remains an immigrant and must follow the legal path to resident immigrant status, and from there to citizenship. Marriage is not a free pass to residency or citizenship.

Not immediately. The legal husband/wife will first have to file a petition for the illegal immigrant to start the process of becoming a citizen. Once the illegal immigrant goes through the process and becomes a citizen, they can apply for a license. There are a few state exceptions that allow illegal immigrants to apply for a license.

An illegal immigrant technically has rights based on the treatment of any human as stated in the constitution.A legal immigrant(Assuming US Citizenship) has every right any natural born US Citizen would have.A legal immigrant(Assuming Non-US Citizen) I BELIEVE has every right any natural born US Citizen would have.Another View: An ILLEGAL immigrant has no US Constitutional rights conferred upon them, since they are ILLEGALY in this country to begin with. The only so-called "rights" they possess are those (as yet to be appealed) "privileges" afforded them by decisions of the lower courts.

It is legal in the United States for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. Once the marriage is legal, the illegal immigrant becomes a legal immigrant and can stay in the US for the course of the marriage.

No if the marriage is only for becoming legal. The person who marries an illegal to make them legal is breaking federal laws, can be arrested, and serve prison time. The illegal will be deported.

He has rights to the child since he is the father, but i don't think he has any more general rights if he is still illegal.

An legal immigrant is a immigrant who granted permanent residence (aka greencard holder) to live legally in the United States. A naturalized citizen is an legal immigrant who applies to become a United Citizen after being a legal resident for 5 years. 3 years if they are married to a US Citizen.

The legal rights for illegal immigrant divorce is same as that for any U.S. citizen. According to the fifth and fourth Amendment of Constitution, it guarantees equal protection under the law.

If born in the United States the baby will be a legal citizen, the immigrants status will not change.

If they have a green card, they can work.

No, but it does give you the ability to complete the naturalization process.

No she is still not a citizen of The United States Of America No she is still not a citizen of The United States Of America

anyone can marry anyone from anywhere, however it does not make the immigrant legal, and alot of the time, has no effect on the courts decision if the immigrant can stay

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